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how many of you just lost the game?


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haha i didnt want to do it cause i know how stupid it is, but i couldnt help it..sorry guys
Is that not the reason why people get locked up? Pun intended.
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I'm rather amazed that people still don't know what the game is.




1. You are always playing the game.


2. When you think of the game you lose the game.


3. You cannot win the game (except for me).


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My memory is very associative. Quite a few things are associated with The Game and vise-versa.


I lose The Game around 5-10 times a day.


IRC Nick: Hiroki | 99 Agility | Max Quest Points | 138 Combat

Bandos drops: 20 Hilt | 22 Chestplate | 21 Tassets | 14 Boots

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