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Does anyone make electronic music on their computer?


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Hi there I am looking to speak with forum users who create their own electronic music on their computers. I would like to know information such as what programs you use, personal experience, advice, what your experiences have been in clubs if you've had that sort of opportunity, helpful tips, books titles about publication etc




My fiance' is looking for a career change and is looking to start in electronic music and dj in clubs/try his hardest to send his work out to record companies depending on how good he gets. I support his goals/dreams/ambitions and hope to help him out as much as I possibly can. I have contacts that will get him in to the industry (not make him famous but get him well known in Brisbane's best dance clubs etc), but before I go talking to them I'd like him to get to a certain level so I don't waste their time.



The only people who tell you that you can't do something are those who have already given up on their own dreams so feel the need to discourage yours.

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There was a really good site called SpliceMusic, but recently "dissapeared". Perhaps a few months ago. That was really good for making synthetic music. I tried using that for a while and it was quite enjoyable. Sadly it's gone now.




Try using maybe a free version of Cubase ? Fruity Loops is also good.

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I'd say Fl Studio is good for electronic sounds. You can make sounds like Basshunter things. ^_^




Example of Fl Studio:








I also like Reason.




Audacity is free and quite fun to mess about with but not really electronic stuff.

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I'd suggest him to make dubstep especially because you live where the scene is very lively. I wish you the very best and hope that it'll work out ::' . Fruityloops is used a lot and is pretty good, though hard to master. Well if he's willing to spend time it shouldn't be that hard.




Keep us posted if he has any tracks.


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Ableton and Logic are the two programs I have (limited) experience with. They are both great, although pricey.




If he's really serious about edm production I'd suggest some sort of college course. A mate of mine is a few months into his and he's learned so much already, and has improved his ability tonnes. Plus through the course he gets all the production goodies like logic/reason etc for a very cheap price, so that's always a bonus.




But then again, a lot of these types of courses are bogus so you might want to be careful.




Being the digital age and all, it's probably hard to make a decent living off music production, and for most people it's a hobby that brings in some cash along side their fulltime career.




What style is he into?

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dunno if this is helpful at all, but is off some other forum i post on where some guy was looking into djing and the resident dj bloke chucked that in, not really read through it but seemed the only decent posts. hope it can help





My thoughts:




- As others have suggested, decks might not be the best investment. You might be just as well getting some Pioneer CDJs, which are industry standard for decent dance clubs. High street venues invariably have these or, more usually, a pair of twin CDs, such as Denons.




- Starting out with half-decent CD players or decks and a mixer isn't cheap. You are looking at £800-£1k to match industry standard. If you go for cheaper, such as belt-driven (basically elastic band) decks rather than direct driven ones, you will have a shock when you get on the proper equipment and see how different it is.




- Perhaps a more prudent approach might be to acquire yourself some DJ software, learn the basics and then, if you like it, look at buying something like Serato Scratch. Scratch is also accepted industry standard and allows you to take a laptop full of tunes and the control box to a club and use their decks to control your laptop. It's genius. Many DJs - both high street and proper club - are using this now. It's easier to carry 10,000 mp3s than 100 records. Plus websites such as Beatport mean that music is readily available to download legally.




- The route you chose to go down will depend on whether you want to remaina hobbyist or look at turning professional and if you do, what sort of scene you want to work in.




- The club scene is hard to break and the money is either non-existent or piss poor right at the start.




- The high street pubs/bars/clubs scene is easier to get involved with but the industry is suffering as much as any because people are simply not going out. Get registered with some agencies such as Event UK, Eminence and LMM. They put DJs into many of the country's high street venues. You can expect anywhere from £80-200 per night depending on the size and type of the venue and your level of experience.




- Going and spunking loads of cash on equipment isn't necessarily the right route to take before you've learned the craft. Try it first, perhaps DJ a couple of house parties off a laptop and see if you like it, then perhaps look at investing in some stuff once you know which route you wanna go down. Drop me a line, I'd be happy to advise.




- I'm currently working off a laptop with this Denon midi controller, which allows me to play mp3s on the laptop like I have twin CD players. At some point in the not-too-distant future I might invest in Serato Scratch.




- As for radio... Loads of fun but it pays a pittance for the vast majority and is becoming harder to get into as companies network evening and overnight shows - the traditional breeding ground for new talent - across entire regions to save costs.




DJ Dan whilst your here. recommend the best piece of software for the mac. Currently have virtual DJ and traktor. everyone seems to rave on about tractor but I cant see the facination. Much perfer the interface of virtual DJ. Seems more customizable?






Ey up.




Like you I've never been a big fan of Traktor. I've also used Virtual DJ in the form of PCDJ VDJ, which has now been discontinued but was built on exactly the same engine. I waited and waited for PCDJ Reflex to be released - it was more than a year overdue when it was released - and it was absolutely amazing. I still use it now along with my Denon HC4500 Midi Controller, although PCDJ actually fell out with the developers, so the product hit a cul-de-sac without getting all the promised add-ons. They stopped selling and updating it. It never got a Mac version. The audio engine is second to none on it and it behaves in much the way Ableton Live does but without needing to warp your tracks. The software does it for you. And the real winner was the recordcase, which was and is the best I've ever seen in DJ software.




When they discontinued Reflex they offered a free cross-grade to PCDJ Dex, but I haven't really got to grips with it yet, but it function in a very similar fashion to VDJ.




I'm also playing about with Ableton cos I fancy being a bit more creative with my mixing. When finances permit I'll have a look at another controller. Have you seen this bad boy? What a toy, but I might wait for it to come down in price first!




Finances permitting, I'd like to venture into Serato Scratch, for the old-school, hand on feel of it. Plus you can combine it with Ableton for some real creativity.




I can't really give a definitive answer cos I haven't settled on one piece of software myself yet. I reckon midi is definitely the way to go though. I guess it depends on whether you want to be able to mix two tracks together or whether you wanna get into the more 'performance' aspect. There probably couldn't be any wiser advice than to find something you like and stick with it.

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Thanks for all the info I'm gonna pass this on to him tonight and get him to make a post under my name if he wants to add anything/ask any further questions/answer your questions. He lost his account from the old roll back :P




Umm he wants to do something similar to The Presets/Moby/Gorillaz



The only people who tell you that you can't do something are those who have already given up on their own dreams so feel the need to discourage yours.

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