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[TICT]Cor + DH vs NG + LA (20+20vs20+20)


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Last week me and Mateusz asked NG and LA for the fight and we set it up with these rules:


  • - 20 + 20 vs 20 + 20
  • - meele and binds
  • - no rangers and blasters
  • - north attacks
  • - ring using allowed
  • - FoG gear allowed
  • - no corrupt dragon items


Starting screen:



The start was pretty even, but we managed to make a 1 person lead and we kept expanding the lead more and more :P Credits to GB7, he did great job leading today! And I can't forget amazing job of our snipers, because oopponent had a big ammout of hybrids, we had 4 snipers and we couldn't keep up with their more than 10 hybrids every time lol :P





Thanks for the clean and enjoyable fight :) Good fight NG&LA, GJ Corr&DH!

Czecho Slovak Forces Leader

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