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Am I too balanced?


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Now, I'm interested in moving up highscores brackets... but one thing I've noticed, is that very rarely am I even second from last rank within a particular total level. And when I am second to last, it's not by very much.


Right now I am at the very bottom of total level 1660 by some 300k exp. Typically most of my levels just need "topping up" but I doubt that would change anything besides put me even lower on the next level's rung.


My levels range a tight bracket from 60-77 (and closing the gap), most hovering around 70. I'd think I'd be the common player, enjoying all the game has to offer, and following up each aspect around the same, with occasional spurts to match a quest. Turns out I'm not, and always the highscores jeer at me for being overly average. I only expect this to get worse, especially as my skills bunch up under the 80 mark, then suddenly tick over all at once practically so I can be a perfectly versatile stealing creation player.


I do wish to ask, why aren't so many more playing with their skills anywhere close to eachother? I quite enjoy the pacing of each skill declining together rather than one still being fast and the others already slow.


I do enjoy going from one thing to the next, seeing Damarok as being a nice incentive towards players like me, stealing creation's broad blanket over all skills, or Tears of Guthix picking up the slack in the skill I've left untouched the longest... I thought I was playing how the game was telling me to.




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Guest TrixStar

You're levelling in a very balanced way as you said. Check the stats of those around you odds are they have a 99 in something that's pushing their exp above yours. If you continue to level all of your skills of course you will stay this way until you reach 99's and push the exp past that barrier. There's nothing wrong with the way you are levelling but if you want to move up the high scores then level skills until they are 99 then move on.

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I prided myself in balance, but then I went and messed everything up by favoring others. I regret it a bit yes, but hey, I played how I wanted to play. Don't worry about your rank too much.

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There is nothing wrong with how you are playing. Some people like you prefer to have balanced stats. I prefer to train skills I like and nothing else. Nothing wrong with both, it's just how we play.

Best thing I can say is dont worry about your rank to much.




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You are too balanced if your highscore rank with your level matter to you. You are not too balanced if you don't give a ---- about those.


I regard highly balanced accounts because I can't get one, I like too much some skills compared to some others.



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I noticed I have the opposite "problem" - I'm usually at the high end for my level.

The fact that I have an outlier (93 strength, 51 defense), and that I'm pure F2P probably explains most of it.

Who cares? Whenever you level up, you jump over an entire class of individuals (those with lower experience but 1 higher level, or those with more experience and 1 level lower).


My advice - keep playing the game how you like to play it. The only wrong way of playing is to not enjoy it.

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I used to train like that too, still was last or 2nd to last at 2100+ total. I kinda fell in love with slayer/combat though and now skills bore me, I think something similar will eventually happen to you too. Until then, just keep leveling any way you like.

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My skills are in quite good balance, as i train them when new quest skill reqs come out. When there are no quests to train for, I usually train the lowest ones.


I also have noticed that easier skills like cooking, fm, wc are lower than other same leveled players, while harder, like prayer construction and farming are usually better than theirs.

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Quests just keep bringing me back to this game.

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Originally, I did want to keep my skills relatively balanced, but since there are some skills I absolutely despise and some I love, that didn't really work out. Since you can do something a lot of people don't have the patience to do, you should be proud, to be honest. I could never do that.


And as long as you're happy playing the game this way, that's all that should matter.


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I don't exactly balance my skills that much, as some skills like Prayer, Crafting, and Smithing are so darn expensive to train.


If a skill is expensive, then I don't really bother with it much, because getting the cash is a pain.


As for ranks, I don't exactly care about it. I just mind my own progress, not others' progresses.




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i used to be in the middle of my total lvl bracket when had 99 combats + slayer and around 75s in the rest but now im 3rd from the bottom probably because instead of all 99s and an 80 i have 5 non 99s all 92-96 :P


balanced is pretty good because can change it up alot :)


and play to have fun so it is fun to change it up a bit and sc a little for a level then get it then choose another skill to sc a bit for.


my combat exp also isnt as high as other players just 22m and 29m's and don't have my 99s trained that much past it...


balanced players know more bout game and thats why highscores rates all 99s with low exp above someone with a few 200ms but 70s in some.

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Surprisingly, I haven't been at the top of my level bracket half the time despite having more overall exp than many maxed players. Just goes to show that there's always a bigger fish, I guess.


When/if I ever get around to maxing, though, I'll automatically jump to top 200 or so.

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