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[TICT WAR]CoR -v- Divine Forces


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Rules were:


30 v 30 as per tournament draw

Binds/Melee only

Centre Boundaries

No Corrupt items

Ring use allowed

FoG gear allowed

Winner of GWD comp attacks (CoR)


Start pic:




End pic:




Some action pics:







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Goodfight DF, nice mass snipe tactic worked very well and evened it up nicely, wouldn't of mattered if it had got you the win anway as tipit are strict on rules, Was fun transitioning your hybrids while sniping tho ty for the help there :D.


1st post nerner basebas :D

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Not the outcome I predicted or wanted, but Congrats Corr nontheless.

I have lived my life to the best of my ability, but I have not been able to escape fate, anger, or pain.

Bring me the answers, and the road that leads to truth, reveal to me once and for all, how all of this will end.

Shadows cannot exist without the light. But without the shadows, the light has no meaning.

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