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Do you like Red Hot Chili Peppers?


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Cant stop

I dont know why its just the intro. +)


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I used to like them a lot more. I remember when my older sister brought home the Californication album, I was probably only 12 but I knew it was gold.


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I still own Stadium Arcadium. Dani California, Give It Away, Snow, and Stadium Arcadium are all of their songs that I really love. Stadium Arcadium is a great album altogether though.

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers were my favorite band for the longest time. My very first concert was seeing them at US Bank Arena here in Cincinnati during their Stadium Arcadium tour. (NOM was there too) Actually, they're still my top played artist of all time according to Last.fm.


I started moving away from them when my brother started playing bass guitar. He completely wore me out on them by playing Flea bass lines over and over again. Slap bass wears on you after a while.


Nowadays I'm a much bigger fan of John Frusciante's solo work, and considering he recently left the band, I predict listening to much more in the future.


It'll be interesting to see what impact Josh Klinghoffer has on the upcoming RHCP album.




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Fix the title please? PLEASE@@@@


OT: I dont mind them, but I dont like when my friend goes all "OMG GREATEST BAND EVER YOU LISTEN TO THEM NOW!!@@"


he's also the same with Nirvana and compares EVERYTHING to Nirvana, including other band's members dieing. For [bleep]s sake (J-name), Kurt is dead, the band is dead. GET OVER IT!


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My favorite band, their early stuff is so cool, (although the slap sometimes gets overdone) but Mothers Milk and Blood Sugar are my favorite Cd's of theirs. They're going to fall, like every band, I have yet to see a band not fall eventually.There so awesome though, Subway to Venus and Pretty little Ditty are my favorite songs.


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Love them. Of course they have a large chunk of songs that I can't stand listening to, but overall I'd say they're a good band with a great sound.


Don't Forget Me!




I love the live video of this song when Flea is wearing a skeleton suit. Sweet solo at the end.

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I used to love them, but after Stadium Arcadium I started drifting towards other music. Californiacation and Blood Sugar Sex Magik are still two of my favourite albums.

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This is by FAR my favorite song:


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They are not bad, not my favorite, but they have some good stuff. Plus some of the first songs I learned to play on the drums are by them: Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue, Give it Away, and many others. Good times....

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