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Napoleonic Hegemony


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It overpowers the Holy Roman Empire though.


And look at the Americas. :P

Master of your domain? I am Lord of the manor, Queen of the castle, King of the county!


Former moderator of the original Dungeoneering

Former moderator of Ye Olde Hegemony

Moderator of the remake of Dungeoneering

Former Empress of the Lichten Empire (Hegemony)

Former President of the United States (Hegemony)

Former Emporer of Imperial Japan (Hegemony)

Czarina Catherine of Imperial Russia (Hegemony



The only difference between a disagreement between friends, an argument between strangers, and a feud between enemies is the ability to reconcile.

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The only mod who would dare lock this would be a falador library mod, Das or Stevepole.

The rest dare not enter.


We got time.

[Falador tavern]

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As mentioned, no reason to keep this open. If Dusty wants this to stay open for some sort of Hegemony Argument esque thread, he can pm me.



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We'll all try for last post and the mod will steal it by saying "locking thread now" and then locking the thread.

It's a REALLY big shaft.

I didn't catch fire, I used the can of hairspray as a flamethrower and pointed it at my arm.

how are you going to ignore my posts when I'm offering to let you live as my vassal in two weeks time?

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