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Barrows - Rise of the Six

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When someone talks about the "welfare" gear of the time, its usually a large percentage below the BIC gear.



Before slayer, welfare was addy. BIC was rune

After slayer, same thing, however  welfare would be a d scimy.

Then, barbarian assault came out and then welfare was rune, though it didn't quite matter because many didn't do it for the torso

Barrows came out, BIC was now ANY barrows armor. Yes, some parts had more value than others (spear, v helm, dh helm). Whip was still BIC melee weapon, while welfare was still dscimmy


A bit after that, gwd came out, and banos and armadyl were now BIC dps gear. Barrows was still superior for defense, mainly because bandos and arma had negative stats in other classes

At this point, welfare basically meant rune armor, mystic, and black hide with dscimy/staff/rcb.

Rune cbow was still "best in class" for crossbows (and arguably range) until chaotics came.



With the way EOC is setup, you really can't "welfare", because lower end armors aren't really up to par with things above them.



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And here comes 6th shield (another Merciless). The day that just keeps on giving.

Why am I not in your teams. Add me. :lol:



I already did [we use to Nex/KK] but then I went on a break over the summer, you deleted me and never replied.    :(

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