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The Most Memorable Days in Runescape


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I thought everyone should compile a list of the most memorable days in Runescape history, and I'm not talking about PERSONAL memorable days, I'm talking about Runescape wide. 3 I've got so far:


6/6/06 Disaster


Zezima maxing out


Release of RS2


Creation of Asgarnia


R.I.P. The Old Nite




BTW- How do you submit a poll? This could definatly be a question!

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the 3rd of January 2006 should be in as well, that was when my site was created. Same goes with the day tip.it was created.




More serious ones now :P




The release of p2p and such things are good as well.




TON R.I.P day could also be classified as one, since tip.it made a so big fuss about it.

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Hello, I have one. I got 99 mining (before a year of playing runescape) in 9th of June 2006, and that was the starting of the World Cup 2006 :D
good for you, i cant really stand mining... its so boring :D even wcing is more fun
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The Day ZF died, should be remembered for ever.




along with the bank killing days. Plus the days of AutoRune. Also the above meantioned things.






plus the day that the highscore was hacked or/w.e. when someone got fully ranked before zezima =)

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October x 2001 - Hurlw Me is made




February 21st 2005 - Hurlw Me reaches 100 Combat




June 5th 2005 - Hurlw Me joins Gladz




July 16th 2005 - Hurlw Me regains a white phat after a scam




August 19th 2005 - Hurlw Me quits RS




December 5th 2005 - Hurlw Me returns to RS




April 15th 2006 - Hurlw Me gets 99 cooking




June 10th 2006 - Hurlw Me gets 99 ranged





123 Combat / 1900 Skill Total / 99 HP / 7x 99 Stats

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Runescape Created - January 4, 2001 (i think)




Wilderness came out: November 2001 (i've got teh date writen down someplace, but the paper's now almost 5 years old)




Members created: February 27, 2002




Asgarnia: No idea, think it was in summer of 2001, possibly earlier.




Now my dates get a little fuzzy, but i'll write down important events;




Battle of Karamaja - tons of people and death, one of the greatest battles of all time. The volcano fighting was especially fun.




Battle of Barby vill - syndicate vs. just about everyone : D




Al Kharid battle - not really a battle, but it looked really awesome at the time




EDIT: almost forgot... January 12, 2006. RSC was finally cleaned of autoers, and Jagex proved that Runescape has the potential to become the greatest game on the internet.

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the party hat duping was big-but i wasn't playing at the time-and if u scroll down the tip.it home page u find a link 2 poll suggestions on the forums(i suggested this weeks topic-how long hav u been playing rs?) :D



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hmm here are some, forgot all of the dates tho:


the day barrows was realised


the day slayer was realised


the phat dupe


the d2h(that really messed up the economy)




the day cw was realised


6\6\06 slaughter


the mass ban doubling the prices of rares in a single day


he has a phat just cause he is a p mod, now shut up about it
you're right, it's like giving candy to a fat kid and punch him when he eats it
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I would say the day Ironori was created, except that I don't really remember that day. I think you guys have a really good list.

"People are idiots. Some just like to say they reported you to see your reaction, others are just spastic losers that believe everything is reportable, and others got banned and end up reporting everyone because they are mentally disturbed"
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can sum1 explain wut exactly happened with the famous party hat dupe?


i wasn't around bak then




Some one found a way to duplicate party hats and theres was TONS of party hats flying around and it brought their value way down!!

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