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How much money do you have?


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Ok don't post things like: I don't know I have so much I can't keep track. That is completely ignorant. I just want to see how much I measure up to all you tipiters 8-) !




Total Money:







I currently have 0gp as I have started a new character (My other one was banned, and no it was not because of me, it was because he was hacked and the hacker did some stuff I don't even know)




Goal: 50,000,000gp



The Team- The Anti-Hacker Combatant

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all in all i'd say i have around 2.9 to 3.1M total with bank items and cash. i want my goal to probably be around 20M or so and i hope to one day get a santa, a red h'ween mask, and any p hat :pray:

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1435 gp as of 6/24/06... a tiny 1435 gp :wall:


At least I got a plan to high alch and make money!




Goal: Santa, or Full Dragon

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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318k Cash, with bank, I'd maybe scrape up 1 mil. I'd love to have enough to buy some god armor, however much that is. My priceguide is waaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated, so I have to guess :wall:




i think full sara is 2.1 or 2.2M atm. i've always wanted to buy it and i think i will

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I'm actually proud of myself, not bad for maybe 1 day's work. :P




Damn Jagex for banning my other account, which fair enough only had like, 350k on it from 5 years work! :P




1x Dragon Chainbody (1 Dust Devil Trip)

3x Black Mask (2 trips)

1x Drag Skirt (50+ trips)



1x Robin Hood Hat

1x Guthix Platebody


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I will give you a math equation to figure out how much money I have.




Lets start with a warm up:


2+2divided by2=?




Lets count how much actual money I have:


1000000000+2000000000divided by2=?




















Answers: Starter:3 My Money:2bill (yes it went up)


If you want proof pm me invent0

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First off, let me warn people that some people may use this information to find an account to try to break into, or coax into becoming infected with a keylogger in some way... just a warning.






Current: 57M+ (F2P Only)


Goal: A wide variety of wearable rares...




What I really want is a scythe.. :(




Indexed Picture 1

Indexed Picture 2


Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


Rebooting Runescape



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