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I hate sandwich lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was fighting in sos with flesh crawlers and they were agressive, while that stupid sandwich lady appeared.. I talked with her, but i couldnt pick sandwich, because crawlers attacked me. Sandwich screen appeared, i clicked on sandwich, but i didnt get the sandwich, because sandwich screen dissapeared so quickly. I talked to her again, but i couldnt pick the sandwich again... I tried many times more, but crawlers keep attacking, and i couldnt pick the sandwich. So... She teleported me...




I would like to know, is it possible to avoid being teleported by her in such situation?

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All randoms are a nuissance...


That's kinda the point, since they originally appeared to stop botters(meaning cheaters)


Pretty much what Dragon said.

Thread terminated.

I guess that means I'm the thread Terminator?


No Tip.Iters were harmed in the making of this post.

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you were in the SOS right, why not just go through a door and let her catch up then talk to her

Think about how boring their job is. All day replying to messages like these: '0mG j0gEx cAn U g1MmÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã 100k 1 w1lL pa1 u bAk 1 swÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâãaR!!11!'


Not sure about you but I would want to liven up my job if I had a job like theirs.

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The sandwich lady is annoying everywhere, but in areas with aggresive monsters she's incredibly annoying. Although most of the time you can run to safety, it's still a pain in the neck. :wall:




If it was the SOS, you could have run to safety... still, I feel your pain.

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If i run away, she wont follow me? So i wont get teleported? I didnt know that..




no if you run away she'll follow you but you should have ran away from the monster and dealt with the lady

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Yesterday I was in Draynor cutting willows, and the Sandwich Lady appeared. She told me to take the triangle sandwich, which I did. The she teleported me to the Oracle's mountain near BKF. Strange....






Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Can the Sandwich Lady go through the doors to the safe spot? I didnt think NPC's could...



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