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  1. I'm posting on Tip.It for the first time in 2 years! Man... I remember how long ago it was when you first told me you wanted Runecrafting to be your first 99! I had a hard time believing it was your favorite skill lol! :P You truly earned that cape, congrats and I hope you enjoy showing it off! :D I'm glad I was able to make the end of your party, and thanks for doing the (really cool) skill emote for me! :D (sorry for the low quality graphics, the latest update seemed to have reset them for me and I forgot to change them)
  2. It's been ages since I trained Magic and I decided to use up the roughly 25k worth of Fire Bolt casts in runes that I've had rummaging in the back of my bank. So I equip my staff (fr33 f1r3 [email protected]@@) and head out to train. When you equip a staff and are setting auto-cast, does setting it to auto-cast with getting Def xp lessen the Magic xp that you would get if auto-casting without the added Def xp? Does it stay the same? Does it just make you deal less damage or less likely to hit? Also what's Ziggy up to nowadays?
  3. I don't know if this was posted somewhere in this topic but the Fist of Guthix entrance room (where Fiara, the bank, etc are) is in lvl 260 Wilderness! :shock:
  4. Account sharing is against the rules... Yeah, like posting that ever made rule breakers stop... (Some of them actually take pride in having a friend letting them use their account) Good article, a refreshingly original angle for the Tip.It Times. :)
  5. Jagex waited far too long to release the Dragon Platebody. If they were to have released it 2-3 years ago it would have been huge news, now the only reason peop;le got excited is because they've been waiting for it for years, but stat-wise it's not something most would use. Hell, anyone who has 30mill will surely have the stats for Barrows sets, which are better and not as costly.
  6. Before the Grand Exchange was added the idea of player owned shops was highly desired, now it's pretty much obsolete. I doubt it would work if it was released, everyone would find out where a good place for a specific kind of shop is, and thousands would open shops in the same areas. To get stuff for their shops, most people will buy the materials from the Grand Exchange, it would be very difficult to make a decent profit. Not to mention that Jagex will surely add something like having to pay the "workers" there like butlers in POHs. That would make it much harder to make a profit. (unless you're willing to stand there all day every day yourself)
  7. This is why I hate Jagex's Quality Assurance. :wall: It's not up to us the players to see if everything is working properly, we're not the ones on payroll. If something isn't as they "intended" it's their own fault they didn't take the proper time to make sure. Now the Tormented Demons are supposed to be harder, this is the Corporal Beast's stomp attack all over again. They're not pleased players started finding good ways to defeat them sooner than they wanted?
  8. Wow, so many more fellow Firefox users now! :shock: I remember when this poll was cast the first time (back when the poll feature was still relatively new) it had over 70% of votes cast for Internet Explorer. It seems we are indeed taking back the web! :D
  9. It's expected to be aimed at the higher levels, hopefully that means it will be a good challenge with considerable difficulty. I imagine it will be things like "change your Fremnik name" and "kill (over 9000) trolls", can't really predict a full list of the tasks.
  10. There is no "best" or "preferred" size for posting images here, however it would be appreciated if they weren't so big they would stretch the page.:) If you have some good images that would stretch the page then it is advised you add [/hide] tags to hide them (obviously:P) and thus those that do not wish to view them/don't have a good enough Internet connection will appreciate not having a problem with it.;) You know [/hide] tags, right? [hide=] IMAGES HERE [/hide] Edit: Wow, this was posted some 10 hours ago and nobody has bothered to answer? Very nice... :shame:
  11. Players have known about MechScape for a long time, it's even been confirmed by Jagex a long time ago. Always exciting to read about it, I can hardly wait until it comes out! :thumbsup: OMA GAWD! DOZ DAT MEEN WE GET FR33 [email protected] LIEK WID RSC?
  12. A self-made millionaire before he reached 30, well done! (I could have sworn he was at least 35) I shall now use my leet Cooking level to make you a delicious chocolate cake with extra pixels!
  13. Only a noob calls others noobs. :mrgreen: Why should I care if a random person I've never met before (most likely to have an IQ below 50) calls me a noob? If they think it does something, like they managed to get me angry or that they won an argument then I pity them. It's only a computer game. This is the Internet, please leave your offended-beingness (yes it's a word! I just invented it!) at the door and thank you. :)
  14. Well it's definitely going to be members only, that should silence all those that were whining over the possibility of it being available to freeplay. #-o Let's see... We know we'll have to kill a Skeletal Wyvern so maybe this one will be less random than the ones before? :lol: I'd say maybe sneak into the Black Knights' Fortress, pay for a balloon drop in the Party Room, enter the guilds in the Asgarnian region, etc... I'm more interested in finding out about the Fremnik Diary, that one is surely to be aimed at higher levels! :pray:
  15. A very nice idea, I look forward to seeing the new tips added as the month rolls by. :)
  16. So... You're annoyed they used a word you wouldn't use? You make it sound like being "sophisticated" is a bad thing. If the Tip.It mods talked like you'd want them to I'd probably have left these forums ages ago.
  17. What the cabbage? Since when did Jagex have the authority to prosecute people for real life crimes? That player moderator is seriously power drunk. I couldn't care less if someone told me in a clan chat they were committing a federal crime, not unless Jagex added a new rule recently. I hope that guy looses his mod status over this. Crimes like that are illegal and it's wrong not to do anything about it, I know. But what on Earth makes you think reporting it to Jagex will do anything? That's just stupid.
  18. Many merchants or "investors" often convince others to buy a certain item in large quantities so they can sell their own or force it to change prices to their liking. Thus the merchants make a profit while those unfortunate players loose a lot of money. Jagex defines item scamming as misleading others for personal benefit. So yes, it is against the rules. This is just like when they debated whether or not luring was against the rules. Lurers said if a player was dumb enough to get lured then it's their own fault, I'm more than sure many merchanters will use the same argument. They can bs all they want, it will not change the fact that it is against the rules. Even if it wasn't against the rules (which it is) it is immoral. And if you think you need to try and manipulate others just so you can get richer in a computer game then that's sad, very sad indeed.
  19. I swear I've seen this poll before on Tip.It. :? Anyway, Firefox for the win! 8-)
  20. I was expecting Aedleyt Ore (or whatever) to become minable after the Grandmaster quest came out, but it seems not. I predict it will become minable (with revolutionary new smithable items!) with the release of the Dragon Pickaxe in the unknown future. (next Grandmaster quest? involving vampires somehow?) Although the All Fired Up quest and its Inferno Adze reward gave Firemaking a slight purpose it isn't enough. That skill is obsolete, and I don't think there's any way to make it significantly useful. Jagex made a mistake by not taking it out at the launch of RS2. They took out Black Magic, so they could have done the same here. Smithing is mostly obsolete as well. Sure, at lvl 99 we can make full rune but it takes a long time to get to 99 and full rune isn't all that important nowadays. I expect it to become more useful when Aedsomething Ore becomes obtainable and usable. It's hard to believe one of the most full skills (meaning you are able to make something new with it at nearly each level) isn't as useful/profitable as it was in Classic. Some skills like Prayer (a handful of new Prayer), Construction (some new rooms), Magic (needs a higher max hit) and Hunter (Ohai der!) could use a few tweaks and new content but the skills mentioned above need more attention.
  21. Alas, just like the Dodo bird (yes they played RS at one point) the turkeys have been hunted into extinction! They no longer roam the lands of F2P Gielenor in giant flocks! (seriously, there must have been like 50 in crafting Guild and Edgeville) Jagex stated those that didn't do the event will still have a chance to get the Cornucopia ([sarcasm]because it's sooooo useful once you're past 50HP[/sarcasm]) except it's only dropped by a few kinds of birds and slightly harder to get then it was from the turkeys. Dunno about the emote. T'was better than nothing, gave us a fun 15 minute break from skilling to find the turkeys! :thumbsup:
  22. The idea for Tip.It Archives that it is a forum of the same name where the best of the Tip.It community's topics are stored. There are a lot of priceless topics that are too valuable to be lost to the pages of the forums as time passes. I got this idea when I remembered a topic made by Dharockslayer portraying to (strangely) many similiarities between the Tzhaar and the Predators from the movies. There are many topics like this, some even better and more informative on important things which would still be useful to this day. Not too long ago there was topic posted that showed how to protect your computer and your RS account effectively, due to the recent increase in attempted password theft. This would be a Read-only forum, and topics taken there would keep the respective topic starter instead of showing it as a mod having posted it. It wouldn't hurt to leave most user posts in these topics, maybe the ones where there is spam/flaming could be deleted. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, personally I think it would be a very good idea. It would help preserve the important topics and would portray our community's excellence.
  23. In Tip.It's Family Crest quest help, in the section describing the Cooking Gauntlets it states that they're good for Lobsters/Swordfish/Sharks. Shouldn't Tunas be added since it decreases the chances of burning Tunas too? I checked Tip.It's Cooking guide and Tunas are included in the Gauntlets section there. :)
  24. You're asking for too much, no monster hits low, gives good xp and has good drops. Flesh Crawlers and Red Spiders in the SoS aer brilliant xp for someone with rune armour, but like Master_Smither said you'll need food (especially for the Spiders, they hit a lot) Rock Crabs are very good for trainning, just don't count on their drops as a money source. Black Knights are decent as well, their drops are fair for their level. You could try Hill Giants, they were a personal favourite of mine back in the day. Good xp and profitable drops, the trick is to play at a time when nobody else is on. I prefer Moss Giants now, but for your level they might hit more often than you'd like.
  25. Well, now you know. Corrupt Dragon is a waste of time and money if you decide to use it. Fools actually spend millions on it in the G.E so you could have made a very nice profit. Its price is not even close of being worth half an hour of usage.
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