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profile names you regret

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First of all, mine is El Taco30. I can't go 10 minutes without someone asking me if I am Mexican. Or someone comes up and speaks spanish to me. Its usually quite laughable, like when that lvl 10 came up and said something in Spanish. When I said i spoke english, he called me a noob. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard ever. Anyway, post your rediculous profile names that you regret here!

DinoSAUR!!! Flying through la-ZERS!!!! Pchu! Pchuu! (Try running around in wal mart or something screaming this)

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well, actually, i really like me name. neogeo0823. its got a nice ring to it. i did at one time create a skiller named geosurvey. people always thought i was an autominer <.<




...it kind of really ticked me off, though, that on geosurveys first day out into the world, he got two frogs, and a maze while neogeo0823 never got a single frog and only one maze in two years of playing... #-o

I couldn't care less if he was Andrew Gower himself, I just don't like arrogant smegheads.
*in the voice of the comic book guy from the simpsons* best. quote. EVER! :thumbsup:
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I love the name "hopelesslyinsane" but when I made my runescape account it was too long (I believe it cut off the "e" at the end :evil: ) I couldn't really think of a name so I figured that Weird_Writer described me pretty well, now when I'm walking about some random person will ask if I write or consider myself weird. #-o plus it doesn't seem very medievel but atleast it's original :thumbsup:

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My RS name is B1ood Ange1, and I get constantly asked if I collect Warhammer, or If I would like to be someones gf when I am a guy :oops:.






"Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

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I like my RS name, typhoontoby, but my tip.it name, PURESMITHER <.<

Proud Legionairre of the 10th Legion of Kandarin.

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You're not getting my point. If you had an IQ above room temperature you would.
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I Dont like my name, 1 year and a half i was listening to a linkin park song (i used to like linkin park) Called Fig.9 , then i named my acc like that, now 1 year and a half after since i didnt tought i would play that much Every single person asks me if i like fig newtons or call me fig newton or figures



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