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The B.I.S.S.S - Ingame World Map Added!


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I would like to see some of these changes too (esp. banking improvement), but have any of you every programed anything. Or anything larger than a 100kb program? I think not... The reality is that these features take massive amounts of time in general (esp. banking). Unless one of you decides "hey, I think I will spend the next 6 full time months, making these mini apps for RuneScape. All while receiving no pay!" I think Jagex will have more of a difficult decision than to just add it on. Not to mention the usability issues, that another 1 or 2mb's of cache this will need, and then integrating this with the game's system which would require possible mass rewriting of code. Then of course then mass server update, truly a whole lot of trouble for a 'little' update. Really all this could mean many thousands of dollars to Jagex, and more of a pain in the [wagon] than they want. So, be considerate to Jagex.








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These are all great ideas and could make RS heaps better! The people who came up with them are clearly very inventive.






I don't think JaGEX has the time or want to install these. I doubt many ppl from JaGEX read these forums, and even if they do, they would probably only see them as pleas of ignorance. Ignorance to the fact that RS is already awesome, and you clearly don't appreciate it! All you want is updates and upgrades. They usually cost money,time and heaps of effort.




They may even need to continusly shut down servers to get things running, and all these upgrades are just more ways for the game to stuff up too!






Note how there is more Pessimism? So long, positive, happy future... :boohoo:

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