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~~**Useless Runescape Facts**~~ 75,000+ views! 1k+ Replies!

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Some NPCs (or even places) have names that are supposed to sound like words/phrases. I know this much so far:


Sir Tiffy Cashien - Certification

Sir Amik Varze - Ceramic Vase

Lady Table - Lay the Table

Sir Vant - Servant

Sir Vay Lance - Surveillance

Sir Prysin - Surprising

Sir Gerry - Surgery

Sir Renitee - Serenity

Sir Vyvin - Surviving

Fairy Nuff - Fair Enough

Pikkupstix - Pick Up Sticks

Pikkenmix - Pick 'n' Mix

Kaqemeex - Cake Mix

Sin Seer - Sincere

Ali Tist - Elitist

Larriar - Larryr (named after former #1 runecrafter)

Mos Les Harmless - Mostly harmless

Dahmaroc - Damn a rock! (not sure about that but oh well)


If you have a pet rock with you and you get a Strange Rock, it will become really happy and a message will appear that reads: "Your pet rock is so happy to have stone-based company that it jiggles about a little in your pack."


Got a whole lot more, but didn't really wanna copypasta my whole thread off rsof. =p

Cabbage! (:<

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Larriar - Larryr (named after former #1 runecrafter)



He had 100m rc xp before everyone on the frontpage of the rc hiscores had 99

Goals for 2012:

  • Quest Cape
  • MAX

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