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BP45's Blogg~ Combat n' Slaying, bare-handing on the side @@

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Well I'm back for the moment guys, Just for the holidays so hurray!








[hide=My bye bye note]Well after three weeks trial (lol) I have remember that I forgot to wrtie the Post.








I am retiring from Runescape until a time of my choosing.




I want to get back to IRL, and its time for me to just get into the gist of everything bar this game. Nothing has happend in the game, no disputes no nothing in IRl either, I just feel I need to move on temporarily.








So thankyou all very much for what you've all done for me in game, it means alot.




Thanks to all those who helped me to 99 fishing too, we got their guys!




And thats to my innercirle of friends... I count that as anyone on my list.








I'll be back...of that I'm sure








Ciao Bella!




















Bp's 99 Fishing Achievement








Yays! Thanks to all who came!!




















Especially thankyou to thes people who came:












More people were there, and you all know who you are- and this is for you: <3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:








then I had my first ever cape emote!!!












Now whats a 99 Fishing party without a round of trawler?












Or an Emote with Shey <3:












I have so many people to thank, but firstly my friends that couldn't come but still found the time to congradulate me.








































And Jemmy:
















Now to a variety:




To my friends, whom without I wouldn't be playing




To my Clan, the Guild of Elite Skillers, its a real honour to serve you guys




To the Tif, which without, I wouldn't have friends and ironically I wouldn't be playing
















Thankyou all so very much!!























Now the Normal blog:








^Thanks Mcginess(happy123) for the awesome banner^








Hey there, I'm Boy Power45 or BP as some call me, and a very active member. I love skilling-even though my levels arn't that high, but after fishing ill seriously get into it...hense the reason i joined G.E.S...








I just made this blog to show you tipiters what im doing or how I'm going...








~ 12 Million Experience ~












For all of you the dont understand how I can put up with my goal: I think of this quote...




"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." ~Aristotle




[hide=My skills]MY SKILLS:




(determined per fishing level)




90 Fishing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~91 Fishing








92 Fishing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~93 Fishing








94 Fishing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~95 Fishing








96 Fishing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~97 Fishing








The Lastest:




98 Fishing








[hide=The Goals]CURRENT GOALS:








99 fishing: I have always loved the skill of fishing, I don't know why or how it came to be, but now I'm starting to acctually get serious about it and get some decent levels. So it should be fitting for this skill to become my first 99. I am doing this in Shilo Village and/or Piscatoris Fishing collony, world 99 starting at level 79, so feel free to drop by and say HYT. I started with about 159k feathers to boost me up to high 90's...












99 Cooking: Its very handy that with all the Trout, Salmon and Monkfish I will obtain, I'll also get 99 Cooking!!! However, I don't currently know how long it will be until this is completed because after fishing I will want to gain experience in other skills. So to even out what I can just a tad, I take small intervals of cooking in-between some fishing lvls, however this method has not always been followed- hense the greatly smaller Cooking Level.[/hide]




[hide=Levels]LEVELS MADE:




[hide=Fishing Levels]








80 Fishing




81 Fishing




82 Fishing




83 Fishing




84 Fishing




85 Fishing




86 Fishing




87 Fishing




88 Fishing




89 Fishing








































[hide=Cooking Levels]Cooking:




















[hide=Magic Levels]59magebw6.png
















[hide=Other Levels]Other:
















































[hide=Blog]DAILY LOG:




* Dates are Australian Standard




Fish & Feathers: yesterday/today




Raw Trout:27565/29003








Raw Salmon:33122/34185
























>I got rid of old blog because it wasnt fully correct. starting again from now ::' <








Fri 11th, Sat 12th, Sun 13th May




Xp/Levels made: 102k fishing done total




Randoms:strange plant, mysterious old man, mysterious box, niles




Not alot done but enough i think. had an art assessment to do so what can ya do eh?




You may see i "lost" 10k raw trout however i acctually sold them so no more selling fish.




and thats it... just back to school for another week, also exams are coming up so dont expect me to be on much.








Wednesday 16th May




Xp/Levels made: 120k fishing, 53-54-55 mage, 33 con.




Randoms:mysterious box, 3 teleport abyss, evil chicken, starnge plant




Not a bad day, just handed in my Art Assessment so i thought id reward myself by doing some good ol' Runescaping.




Got about 2k feathers out of the way, tele to 55 mage for alching and finally i went to tears.




that somes up probably the best non-holiday weekday I've had.








Saturday 26th May




Xp/Levels made: 152k fishing, 32 farming




Randoms:2 frogs, 2 security guard




Well not a bad day... tears done... fishing done...




1500 feathers are gone! which makes me rather happy




now i got rugbeh in another town for Sunday so not much tomorrow.








Monday 4th June




Xp/Levels made: 93k fishing




Randoms: quiz master, pinball, evil bob, teleportation stuff up thingy, sandwhich lady




I'm rather please dont usually get this much on a Monday, but that can always change




Wont be playing to much over the next week- got abit of work to get done.








Friday 8th June




Xp/Levels made:83k, 56 Magic




Randoms: 3 sandwhich lady, security man,frogs




Not too bad but not too great- diceided id take a break and go alch with shey while she cooked.




also if you notice my feather count is the same its because ImplulsiveJet donated 1k fetahers.








Sat 9th, Sun 10th June




Xp/Levels made: 147k fishing, 34 Hunter




Randoms:4 sandwhich lady, 3 security man , 2 frogs, highway man




Not bad weekend- it just leave 104k from 94 fishing!!!




will get next weekend- for now gotta do a speech!








Saturday 17th June




Xp/Levels made: 142k fishing, 94 fishing!




Randoms: evil bob, genie, highway man




Well TETAU this morning, I got a PP Sceptre! go to the aftermath Thread- you'll see my name several times




Gratz to Goaty and Mvp on that note too.




On another Note: 94 FISHING!!!




This has to be one of the best if not the best Day from RS to me... <3:








Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June




Xp/Levels made: 59-62 Magic (1521 Alchs worth of EXP), 45 Smithing




Randoms:mysterious old man, 10 mysterious box, 3 drill demon, cap'n hand, 3 prison pete, mime, 2 Pinball




Check out that amount of Randoms!!!




Did mainly Magic and Some small Smithing but no fishing-




Now all to do is Swan Song, wish me luck!








Monday 25th - Thursday 28th June




Xp/Levels made: 246k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 1437 Monks, -15156 Feathers




Randoms: Highwayman, teleport stuffed, frogs, Evil Bob, Hide/Jekel, Sea Troll, swarm




I did Swan Song! and fished my first 1000 Monks




Therefore also can you see the new Underlined section of my daily blog- isn't it cool!




Please also notice the -15156 Feathers, that was a beaut Donation from a friend




All in all, good week!








Friday 29th June




Xp/Levels made: 104k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 867 Monks




Randoms:Security Guard, Sandwich lady, mysterious box, 2 Jekel/Hyde, Sea trolls, Pinball




A good night... get home in the afternoon and grab 100k




Imagine how I'll go with an all nighter :uhh:








Saturday 30th June




Xp/Levels made: 142k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 1159 Monks




Randoms: Sandwhich Lady, 2 River Troll, 2 Evil Bob, Molly, strange plant, security guard, Highwayman, 2 mysterioous old man, drill demon




Loads of randoms for loads of exp ::'




I'm happy with my efforts tonigt considering i was out all afternoon... tomorrow will be a goodin :thumbsup:




And i have EXACTLY (almost) 300k to 95!








Sunday 1st July




Xp/Levels made: 182k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 1524 Monks




Randoms: Highwayman, Evil chicken, 2 Mysterious box, frogs, Niles, 3 mysterious old man, Cap'n hand, starnge plant, Maze, genie, strange plant




100k to 95 fishing ::'




I'll be grabbin that tomorrow- but gratz to shey on her 95, she has passed me :XD:








Monday 2nd July




Xp/Levels made: 155k fishing, 95 fishing!




Monks/Feathers 1293




Randoms:Giles, 4 Frogs, 3 Mysterious old man,2 river troll, drill demon, Highwayman, Mysterious box, Evil Chicken




Yay, 95




Not much else to comment on sept 900k till 96 :XD:








Tuesday 3rd July




Xp/Levels made: 103k Fishing




Monks/Feathers -2139




Randoms: swarm, mysterious box, Giles, River troll




Alright exp, sold some Monks to Norman Biggs so that may explain the minus in fish




Hoping for abit better tomorrow!








Wednesday 4th July




Xp/Levels made: 92k Fishing exp




Monks/Feathers 765 Monks




Randoms: Mime, highwayman, 2 Sandwhich Lady, Mysterious box, swarm, Cap'n hand




Meh, the days are getting slow.




I can't expect alot of Exp tomorrow either but Friday should be pretty hefty.




On another note- I got full Mime now ::'








Thursday 5th July




Xp/Levels made: 102k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 848 Monks




Randoms:Genie, 3 River troll, Niles, Sandwich lady, Strange plant, Mysterious box




If I got 100k every day for the 14-day holidays, ill still get 1.4mil- which isnt all that bad.




What if I aim for 150k. Fishing will be better tomrrow








Friday 6th July




Xp/Levels made: 177k Fishing




Monks/Feathers1476 Monks




Randoms: 2 River Troll, Highwayman, 4 Mysterious Box, 4 Swarm, Sandwhich Lady, Hyde/Jekel




Good day on the whole. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary, Just fished.




I might be out for a while tomorrow so we'll see how that comes.








Saturday 7th July




Xp/Levels made: 122k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 1015 Monks




Randoms:2 River troll, Drunken dwarf, 2 Swarm, Evil chicken, Snadwhich Lady, Security Guard




Went out about 12-ish and still got 100k fishing.




Now a few people have asked "ever tried an all-nighter" and my answer is usually no.




But as of tomorrow I will be attempting it for the first time- who knows, I might make it!








Sunday 8th July




Xp/Levels made:166k Fishing




Monks/Feathers -4615 Monks (Sold 6000)




Randoms:Drill Demon, Highwayman, Cap'n Hand, Sandwhich Lady, Jekel/Hyde, Drunken Dwarf




Did I all night- No :XD:




Was too tired and had a huge day out and come 11pm the idea was not very appealing.




However some much needed Fishing Exp was gained and I shall have 96 Tomorrow!








Monday 9th July




Xp/Levels made:117k Fishing




Monks/Feathers 975 Monks




Randoms:Mysterious old Man., Jekel/Hyde, Cap'n Hand, Drunken Dwarf, Niles,Strange plant




96 Fishing!




Well thats all I really did for the day.




Tomorrow I intend to do very little or no fishing at all and just kill Chompy birds to prepare for the TET AU event on Sat.












[hide=Random Pictures]Random Pictures:




[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation]ypv7.png




[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] POWER!




Yes i have been playing sinse 2003- and i know my stats do not match to the levels, but in truth I took a long break (quit) outa the game. But i still got this!








[hide=OkÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâæ this is my TETAU Morning- Saturday 16, June]I got 37 theft!












And now I'm level 37 I go into room 1 on my third round- I open the chest and:












Then all of a sudden Goaty got one too! Me, Shey and Goat celebrate:












Then me a Goaty announce our declerations as TETAU sceptre Bros fro LYFE!












Then... MVP gets one!!!












And this people of Tip It- is the Magic, that is TETAU[/hide]












Just one day saw him in Piscatoris, feel like abit of a Newb but i had to piccy it, and heavens he acctually speaks!!!




















im not asking for anything but these people have been greats friends












To Moodyteen666 fo being a great friend, getting 99 fishing and as a result donating to me 100k feathers!








To Zammyftw, Sk8er 1122, Zantareous, Lolipop137, Dalcyte, Mario Tennis and Winavan for keeping me company whilst in shilo








To Botanreaper2 for donating 20k feathers that were "useless" to her, and then keeping 500 to keep me company








To Oreo9870, Rctycoon Fan and Wild Goat 14 for starting the GES clan, and validating me into it








To all the people of GES, you make up a great, friendly community








To Who Le Ow for keeping me company at shilo for two days and us not knowing we were Tip.Iters, HYT anf friends on the second day








To Troyboy1444 for donating 12k feathers, 900 trout, 600 salmon and full blue mystic, cheers!








To Cb907, Wild Goat 14 and benbenben41 for coming into shilo to fish with me or keep me entertained, thanks guys!








To Dusty fo teaching me the whole plant your seeds and go away thing... yeah...








To all you guys who came out top see me get 90 fishing... ment alot... ans thanks Sk8er and Botan for the late but valued gratz








To the Ges Shilo Fishing Crew, and to you guys that came down and kept me company of my long journey








To Troyboy1444 again for donating 200k and Sara chaps on my quest to 99, love ya!








To: Goaty, Hevendor guy, Ultimania and Made0f12une for playing some barb assult with me, hope to do it again with some new friends.








To Mcginess for donating 1k feathers, thanks and gratz on 90 cooking mate








To Brettlee13, Duminasion and Nekyia13 for coming to see me get 93 fishing, and to Duminasion again for donation 575 feathers. thanks guys!








To Jirachiz2j for being a beautiful starnger and donating 100k








To Parrot999 for donating me 100k so that i may have enough money to start alching to 66 mage!








To ImpulsiveJet for donating 1k feathers- every bit helps mate- thanks!








To Who Le Ow, [bleep]egamer1 and Flcldragon for seeing my 94 fishing








To Saturday the 16th June 2007- for being the best day of my RS career








To Sk8er 1122 for donating 1151 Feathers








To Celt for donating 500 Stripy feathers








To my new friend - Zeljovac - for donating an awesome 15k feathers








To Rummy 15, Sheynara, Celebi123, Hephaistos50 and Fat Slug for coming to see my 95 fishing! Thanks guys








To Peterpan538 and Hephaistos50 for seeing my beautiful 96 Fishing!








To Sheynara for being one of my greatest friends and coming to see my 97 Fishing








To Sheynara (again) and Cabbage Boii for seeing my 98 Fishing.[/hide]








And that is my blog so far, I'll update it regulary and if you could leave a post, I would be most greatful. Thanks for your time, and if you've got any ideas how to make a blog better, just post me, as always!










Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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Good luck on the big 99 you fishing fanatic. Sadly, mines 73. I might have some feathers on my noob like 1k+ if you want.








yeah why not id love em...




thanks sk8er


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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thanks guys...




if you got some feather, are a member, have access to shilo village and wanna do some fishing, come join me! i love company!








~boy power45/riakk


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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I actually can get 76/77 fishing through feathers, but Shilo fishing makes me want to die. I find the Fishing guild much more relaxing. Thank god for admiral pies! :D








Good luck!



My Farewell thread. Please post nicely, or die. :^_^:

Yea, I'd vote for him too. But I don't think they let Iraqis vote :P
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I actually can get 76/77 fishing through feathers, but Shilo fishing makes me want to die. I find the Fishing guild much more relaxing. Thank god for admiral pies! :D








Good luck!








i agree... fishing guild is sooo much better for atmosphere...but shilo is faster exp then anything there... i was recentley hacked, so i went there to get sharks... sold them and am back on my feet now so that ok... anyway i had the best time there... i find the convos people have are great :P








anyway thanks for your support everyone...








~boy power45


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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Yeah, the conversations are great there. I got into a conversation about how I don't like Chocolate Milk, but how there is Raspberry milk. Then I started talking to someone I won't say, about " Nathalie" ( Dabestkillas, who if you havn't heard, isn't who she said she is.. ).








Yeah, it's great!



My Farewell thread. Please post nicely, or die. :^_^:

Yea, I'd vote for him too. But I don't think they let Iraqis vote :P
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just got killed while i was lagging on world99 and lost my camo top... luckily got back to save my feathers though...




o well ... life goes on... this will not hamper my goal for 99 fishing!!! huzza!


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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noob, you will never complete your goals












you do know im kidding right? :thumbsup:








i gather your joking yes...


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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Lol, I love your avvy! And how can you stand fishing? Eww.. :P








i like my avvy too so thank very much people... i dont really know how i can stand it... as i said, i love fishing (why? i dont know?) and only recently have i been getting it up at a decent rate... but i honestly dont know how i can stand it, just can :?








and its 99 fishing and cooking... not other way around :|








anyway thanks everyone...keep em coming... also feel free to add me i like a chat or two...


Even on my death bed, I'll bare-hand that bloody shark.

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