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Best game ever played?


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Chrono Trigger - all 6589 endings of them (or some silly amount :P)








Cliche answer, but Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear (all the trilogy). They really changed the way I looked at gaming and gave me more excitement than anything I had ever played then and since.

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hmm, so hard, but:








Super Mario World. - First Nintendo game I ever played, and that game is just full of nostalgia for me.








Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. - First Zelda game I owned, and probably the most complete gaming experience. Especially since I hyped it so much and it was as good as I thought.








WoW. - No other game will ever (I hope) captivate me like that game did. Just insane what it did. Living a game like this...








some others just because I think they deserve a mention:








Super Metroid




Mega Man X




Planescape: Torment




Baldur's Gate I...maybe II aswell...




Mario Kart 64




Super Tennis




International Superstar Soccer 98 - cmon...FIFA? Seriously.

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Halo 2, Half-life, and Unreal Tournament


Are you blind or ignoring me on purpose?

Even though I sometimes side with religious people in some debates, I no longer consider myself religious.

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Had a few over the years.








Thief series - Totally brilliant, awesome story, good graphics and very immersing. Garrett kicks arse.








Operation Flashpoint - Brilliant war simulation, really fun to play. Think they are releasing another one soon-ish.








Battlefield series - For an online only (mostly) game, it stands way above all the other FPS'ers. Don't feel like running? Jump in a tank, or a boat, or plane, or a helicopter, etc etc.

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oh god theres so many <3:








ratchet & clank series




luigi's mansion




soul calibur 3




KH 1, 2, and COM




gears of war
















just to name a few

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