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  1. Did some Barrows tonight...nothing of note dropped. :roll: :roll: :wall: 8-)
  2. Very nice Progress Enip! Keep up the great work, and see you in game! :
  3. One word! AMAZING!!!! Well done Valerie, go go girl power, now lets see those stats all maxed soon!
  4. Noob, you asked me to go Tri bridding so I said no to another trip with another team, and they got 4 axes and a mud! Then we never went. :roll: :wall: Beep beep your a bleep! :twisted: 8-)
  5. Awesome weekend!!! Slaying, singing, summoning, dancing, dking!!!
  6. You are doing so well Valerie, keep up the great slaying, its soo slow, but you are plodding along, not too far to go now!!!
  7. Thanks for the bumps! \ Hey Lee long tiem no see too! Umm KoolCookie, my banks kinda poor since getting 88 Summon, I'll wait till have recouped some of my losses first lol!! I'm still kinda shocked about it all too. :oops: Anyways yesterday got 9 mill slayer xp! woot just over 4mill xp to go and I still LOVE Slayer!!!!
  8. Dying aint much of a living!! But you too good Scorp, keep up the great scapin hun!!
  9. LOLLLLLLLLLLL @ Mr Bump! Weedy when didn't you own me in Combat..oh nowww!! 8-) Trying to RC my money back, but I keep getting distracted...umm....hehhe. Bit of fun with Heph and Sjak at KQ! Good Times Again!! :thumbsup:
  10. Grats on 99 Cooking, a little belated but finallyyy I am! Awesome work and grats on the 90 Woodcuttering too, its an awesome skill! =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
  11. I has a Pony!! and 137 Combat as well wooooooooooot!!! \
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