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  1. Awsome! I was at lumby and just saw someone do this while I was reading this post!
  2. Thats a good idea. The granit crab can use its pincers or something to fish for you and you dont need to have a net in your inventory. Also, is there a bear, or a bear paw or a bear something on one of those pouches? Because an "angry bear digs honey" makes alot of sense.
  3. Sigh, thats depressing. I was right about to run out and go kill some penguins. Now I have 3 vultures eggs, 1 blue egg, and 103 chicken eggs (you never know).
  4. SUMMONING PURE PL0X?!!?!!? 12 Combat with 99 summoning?!?!!?!? Maybe some defense????
  5. Decmber 30th, I am going to park my guy RIGHT outside that door. I'll get up early with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to the radio while I wait for the update! :mrgreen:
  6. Nice Event. This is obviously a test run for summoning. All the snowmen fighting each other and stuff. A new pet shop? Where?
  7. OH.....MY.....GOD :evil: :shock: :uhh: :ohnoes: :cry: I mean, I understand the duel arena.... BUT WHY?!!?!?! The wilderness is never going to be the same. This is horrible. The whole fun of pking is edgeville pking or telleblock that noob out at the dark nights castle! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY THINKING!?!?!?" "sob"
  8. Less than 24 hours people! Get your print screen buttons ready! This is gonna be the biggest and baddest yet! Hm... :-k I dont seem to have full steel.... or enuf swordies..... Oh well tiem to get rdy! Edit: Finally, a post on tip.it main page! Way to go tip.it!
  9. Sarcasm? If not Did they stopped it? No. So was it worth it? No! It will help when Jagex finishes their plan. After the ess update, ess bots left to wc. However, when (or if) jagex updates wc to rid the bots, then basically the bots go to fishing. Keep on updating the game until the bots have nothing left to do and we will be bot free :D Of course all this will come at a price, but I'll willing to adjust to these changes. They really aren't too bad. Pure Ess and normal ess aren't a big issue anymore so things will die down over time. Sure dueling took a hit, but you will realize it's not a big deal in a month or two. In the long run, these adjustments are worth it and will help to make the game bot free. When you compare dueling to ess mining you have to remember something: People built their whole players around dueling. I think that duelers are always going to have a grudge against Jagex.
  10. Over the grand canyon?!?!? Didn't know that. Kinda like Steve Irwin all over again. RIP
  11. Lol, this is sum great stuff. We should make a list of Dangerous Beasts that new players should avoid. So far I got: Bears Scorpions Dark Wizards Women and Men Highwaymen Dwarves
  12. Well, my first account Ihad just gotten a shiny new set of black robes and a magic staff from my friend. Walked past the stone circle south of varrock. BAM ONE HITT!!! When I made my second account my friends gave me a huge 45k! I thought I had a godlike sum of money. As I was strolling to fallador. I attacked a barbarian and tried to kill him. Wouldn't ya know it, 5 other barbarians turned around and attacked me. I was dead before you could say "which way to lumby?"
  13. Since im p2p i don't have much trouble with autoers. While it is clear that Jagex is trying to controll the problem I don't think they'll just nuke trading. They might reduce it and the might chance it but they wont get rid of it. I mean, there would be so many less topics! Whole articles are written on how the economy is doing and whats profitable. Like people have said before, if they take too much control over prices it wont be fun anymore. I kind of like the challenge of deciding what to do to get money. Wether to start a buisness, higher runners or the like. I would hate it if all prices were set and yews were always 400 or 500. It doesn't make the game so friendly because the runescape economy is a picture of the real world economy. Sure people cheat, they cheat in the real world too. But those people who cheat can't take that zing out of getting the best deal in a trade.
  14. We are going to have more than 100 people. At least 200 by my reconing, every year weve had about that much.
  15. THats not a bad idea, didnt it have something that looked like a sun? Bird eggs are also possible. Raising your own bird?
  16. Evil Dave. He mentions summoning evil ninjas of doom when you contact him via lunar magics.
  17. Can it be!?!?!? GASP Spinach Rolls!?!?!?!!? :XD: :XD: But seriously i think its charcol. Listen, to summon stuff you need to draw those summoning circles. And when construction came out the plank respawns changed a little? Didn't charcol just become untradeable? Thinks like bones, wolf fur, ashes and charcole are fair game IMO.
  18. If I was planning on using melee I will get my str up first.
  19. ty all, thats what I am planning to do and I have been working on slayer task (which is coincidentaly blue drags) to get my ranged up.
  20. oh believe me, its going to be tough. The whole island in the wild was red, and much of the surrounding was also red. It was basically a massacre.
  21. I just had a thought. What if summoning isnt magical? There is a strong possibility you just tame wild animals. It would explain its connection to hunter.
  22. My personal theory is that most aspects of summoning will require other high skills to be used. example : A summon that helps with mining (if it exists) requires you to have a certain mining level OR becomes more useful the more your mining level increases I understand what you are getting at but that is not what I mean. It says that it "will help hunter like smithing helps mining." I'm not talking about Summoning assisting a skill but actually playing a large part in that skills development or vise-versa.
  23. :lol: :lol: :lol: But seriously there has to be an item to summoning like planks were to construction. We could all get rich! :XD:
  24. I wonder if any other skills will be needed for summoning, aka hunter, magic. Although they did say it is a completely different skill from magic. :-k Any idea about what kind of items might be needed? OH I KNOW!!! SPINACH ROLES!!!!!
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