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  1. sure, but i know a guy who sells final boss titles. 1500m and he'll do the whole thing for ya. honestly the whole thing would be solved if they made final boss require 100 of all hardmodes too.
  2. hmu if you wanna buy it we sell dem for dayz but seriously, once you consider the time investment to build the skills and connections needed for anyone to actually want to do hardmode with you, it's not so clear. not to mention hardmode is hard now, and if you're loyal to your team it means sticking around for 10-15 titles even if you get yours early on.
  3. ya i forgot ring of vigour and a shield that kill l0l
  4. i have been invrsting in bonds lately while they are low
  5. hardmode sing... 18m split + 20m split from the title we sold
  6. disagree. supreme runic is the aura i use most, followed by supreme sharpshooter. i basically don't use any other ones lol
  7. good friend of mine... mine should be coming up soon. tomorrow with luck.
  8. Did a few more solos today. Blood phase has become less chance dependent - if I don't get it the first time, I am usually able to work it down.
  9. this is one of those things that sounds better than it is
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