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  1. I quit about 5 months ago, and started skateboarding. I've made many more friends, been active and not stared at a screen all day. I also joined the school soccer team as a goalie, and have had fun doing that. Much better, yea.
  2. I don't run long distance (except for at soccer practice :wall: ) but I did have the longest long jump in the city in my age group last year. I jumped 15 feet and 4 inches in the seventh grade, which I'm told is good. I also came in second in my age group in the 55m hurdles. I got to run hurdles and actually make friends with Drake Johnson, who won several events in the junior olympics.
  3. I wrote a thread about this a while ago, but nobody uses the search button...
  4. No rating? :o Not another what? Another 1337 total level topic...doesn't derserve a rating. It is pretty easy to achieve if you work hard.. Yes, here at tip.it we appreciate and rate hard work. 6/10 man, keep working at it and soon you'll get to 1400.
  5. 1. The thread where trapical introduced tip.it to Misfile - www.misfile.com go there right now 2. ever caught them? - that thread had so much win yea there have been others, but none so epic
  6. Thrallster

    Sarah Palin

    well, if mccain wins, hillary's supporters are gonna assassinate mccain to get a women president, so... Jk. My opinion is that he picked her because he didnt want to have any more scandals, and he figured she would be dirt-free. However, if you read the news... :-#
  7. As some of you may know, runescape is now playable on the popular flash game website, "addictinggames.com." The last time runescape was put onto a flash site (miniclip), the amount of under 13 kids playing the game skyrocketed. What do you think will happen with the community now that it's available on addictinggames?
  8. If you wear a blessed d hide coif and try to look at your face, it will either appear invisible or at the very back of the coif. Makes it look like theyre hiding lol
  9. This has been a problem for me too (as im going for that helm, 130 points so far) So I use chaelder, cause his tasks are easier and its still 10 points per task. Ive been getting pretty ok tasks, basilisks and fire giants and the like, and then I get 116 blue dragons. Im like, ok, cool. so I kill about half of them with range, then I switch to meleeing the baby blues. Im done, I go back, and... 124 blue dragons. This time I want to speed it up, so I do only 1 inventory of ranging the lvl 111s and then go back to meleeing the babies. I go back to chaelder, hoping and praying that it won't be a blues task... 1-2-6 b-l-u-e d-r-a-g-o-n-s. Now Im really pissed, but I need that helm, so I do it, purely meleeing the babies. I go back, noose IN HAND in case he assigns me any more $#*#@ dragons. 150 basilisks! yes! something different! I kill them (and turn a handsome 110k profit) and go back to chaelder, feeling good. HE ASSIGNS ME 164 ******* BLUE DRAGONS. (I did the ****** task.) P.s. these events took place over several days, i have a life tbh.
  10. thats approximately 4,620,000 gp in barrows gloves, which is almost as much as my entire bank. I can't really give this anything but a 10/10
  11. Thrallster


    took me like 5k to get rune, then i got 1 like every 300. I have 17 =)
  12. yea, probably all major areas eventually. my guess is that they'll make an achievement diary cape, like a quest cape. Same symbol, but maybe different color? :?:
  13. Choose your fate, huh?...You WILL give me your money, barrows, and crozier. I have foreseen this.
  14. well of course you're pretty rich. pretty+rich=pretty rich, tbh 10/10
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