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  1. All of the holiday items (that were originally tradeable) are still tradeable, aren't they? :| I would like to see prices of items to go back to what they were at around 2003-2004 (the prices of logs, holiday rares, Rune Essence, etc.)
  2. "I have a question..." Great, I have an answer, let's see if they match.
  3. Pfft, Im_for_guard couldn't even guard a Uhhhm "im" Anyways, Whats the max you can actually have at lvl 3, with 60 slay . All combat skills at level 1, Slayer at 60, all non-combat levels at 99= 1545 Total Level --- Geesh, this topic had quite the bump....
  4. Being F2p, it wouldn't be much of a change for me. Updates are great to keep forums going and what-not, but nowadays I play mostly for the friends anyway. :D ~Zanty
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