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  1. I have invited a clan with 86+ members all 90 or higher combat. I sorta left out the Tip.it part. :lol:
  2. I would do that, but #1. I can't do anything for four hours, and #2. I don't have 20k Atm. Stop laughing. It's not funny!!
  3. With RS Commity going to be there we will be heavily outnumbered. We need to advertise. Putting this on the mainpage of Tip.it is a great idea. Our numbers will increase maybe dramatically. We need everyone to put this in their signatures, aswell. Whatever happens, you can bet I will be there wearing green! Tonight, we dine in HELL!!! (Love doing that...)
  4. I agree, but only partially. The autoer thing is not an issue because an autoer 95% of the time, stays to one recorce. Even if it doesn't there isn't 60 different things to get. On the other hand I beleive they do need more space because 60 spots just isn't enough. True they don't pay for the game but, holding all of the necesary items is a pain. People usually end up dropping something. (I'm P2P by the way).
  5. Hmmm...good quetion I never thought of it. I would think so but I am not sure.
  6. I vote Dragon Square. Why? Because, the defender has a SMALL strength bonus allowing you to hit higher. It has a Small defence bonus. (NEGATIVE def on mage and range.) The Dragon Squares defence far outweighs the attack bonuses on a defender. You can stay in one place longer while training and less food is used. Zero on mage defence which is better than the defenders and a POSITIVE range defence. Dragon Square is better IMO and my opinions not biased because I do own both.
  7. Personally, I dont see why you all are drooling over granite. The legs are worse than rune in avery stat besides ranged defence. And have you seen the weight on those things? The only granite peice better than rune melee defence-wise would be the plate, which you certainly don't need sharks and prayer potions to get. Good guide but only if you don't see my point. :shame: Also, (this might sound nooby) does anyone know how to turn the quote in my sig into one with those outline things? :-k I know...but I'm new here.
  8. I would honestly consider simply using iron knives. With one defence most chinchompa places won't work well. :wall: If you were to use iron knives and not pick them up I would recomend Lathas' Training Ground. Other than that I relly don't have a clue.
  9. Nice story! I won't even attempt one however because I would probably just hurt myself...
  10. I still can't believe we aren't number one. Not complaining though. :P
  11. don't eat the yellow snow!!! :shame: Nah, seriously I would have told myself to watch out for those three people who scammed me. -.-
  12. This is an unbeleivably great story! Excellent work. Write more or I will be forced to attack you with my pancke minions!!! But really, keep up the great work... I'll be hoping to see more in the future. =D> : =D>
  13. If you count birds nest then I would definately say those. Otherwise probably the Wise Old Man. :?
  14. I agree with the above. For range however, I would recomend green dragonhide armor until level 50 then go to blue. I trained on the dwarves under White Wolf mountain 'till 50 then I went to lessers. p.s. I have 70 range. :wink:
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