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  1. Weve made some improvements to the way banks calculate your free space. Free-players who used to be members will no longer have to dump all their members items to be able to use their banks and everyone can now see their usage in more detail on the interface. For more information, please read the Controls - Banks page. ----- omg my pants exploded yesssssss
  2. Again? Since when was mage EVER overpowered?
  3. actually as of June 08 kids under 13 could make an account and play(though if you said you were under 13 you are forced to use only quick chat).
  4. What about removing the artificial price floors and the price controls? That would sure work too.
  5. I figured this out the first day HD came out when I was on a shadow warriors task. I thought everyone else knew this also, guess not. Good guide. :thumbup:
  6. [hide=yay][/hide] Wow with that 88 str it gave me 124 P2P, 115 F2P, and 1700 total levels :D
  7. Well, I would rather waste an hour on quest then three hours+. Using a guide is efficient, saves you time and stress, yet it takes the feeling of accomplishment out of completing the quest(or maybe it doesn't). I would imagine a good portion of people only do quests to unlock a new item or monster, i.e. summer's end for corp beast, now if you do a quest with that mindset then what's the point of not using a guide?
  8. Wow i'm so on and off of RS i haven't even realized I actually have been muted 8 times LOL
  9. I was at the swiftswitch and elvemage riots.. It wasn't nothing special just a bunch of people spamming and saying "ice me". Runescape riots are not riots, but rather obligatory spam fests started by a moronic group of people who decide to vent their rage in the form of mass spam in the center of fally. Of course if Jagex had an approval rating higher then george bush and didn't give us crappy updates 9/10 times a year maybe there wouldn't be this sort of player anguish to riot, but that's not gonna happen.
  10. I'm just a little confused here Does wearing a full clothing set give you more exp? Or is it just more points?
  11. [hide=70 summ!][/hide] YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY how long does it take to woodchop for a birds nest(and hopefully a birds egg)?
  12. If you're going for total experience I would say slayer; also the charms are nice.. But for runecrafting there is a MASSIVE profit if instead of ZMI at 82 you do double astrals(it's 500k profit an hour). It's about 10k slower an hour then ZMI but you make way more money.. I mean rc is really a grind even just to get 100k exp so you could get burnt our fast by it.
  13. I would like to see a finish to the temple knights, rune and dragon prayer armour would be friggin awesome. Also i noticed since about this time 07, 3 goblin quests were released and dorshun kaan. So whichever storyline that will be finished next will probably have the same scenario as the goblin storyline.
  14. The last rollback i remember was about summer 2007 when all the servers went down..
  15. "I like your style." is my favorite one, Also fear my leet skills is pretty cool and I use that Soul Wars trick a lot :P
  16. On topic: Good guide.. Definitely more of a thing for low levels, I give a 8/10 for the misleading title.
  17. Afros anyone? Defiantly looks like a good month :D
  18. I believe that ruined pieces are unsellable, but regular you can sell for sure.
  19. zomg ill have like 10k gpz from that in a years work :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  20. Oh i probally did :P "Melee: Games Finished Per Hour: 30 Damage Done Per Round: 500 30 * 4 * 500(exp varies) = 60,000 * 1.1 = 66,000 Experience + 500 * 2 * 30 = 30,000 Experience Total Exp = 96,000 Exp Average (per hour)" So the one on the top is the points and the bottem is the actual damage done? I had it the other way around
  21. Pretty could guide lol i can't believe monk robes are 72k/h :shock:
  22. Very nice but unfortunently you get 2xp per hit at pc so wouldnt that make it only 66k/h? which rly is outweighed by monkey zombies
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