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  1. If everything is our choice, then why even make a guide.... It doesn't show us how to do anything, end the end it is just ends up being a documentary of your poor method of getting defenders, if everything is 'our choice'. :rolleyes:
  2. I've gotten tallies, but they don't drop more than 1-2 an hour.
  3. Whoever wrote that article was obviously stupid, you HAVE to have high herblore to use the potions but you don't HAVE to have high levels in other skills to use that stuff because it is tradeable, that means that both equal playes have the option to use it.
  4. I was once the only person at lighthouse daggs and then had Zarfot come and plop down a cannon in the middle, I didn't mind that much for a two reasons; I was almost done with task, he may have tried other fuller worlds already or even if he didn't he probably knew that one person was the best he could find(or he just got lucky). I still would have liked it if he said something like, "I know you were here first but this is the emptiest world I can/would find so would you mind being the one to hop?" Then again he is a famous player so he probably has to keep chats and stuff off or even if not he probably fears talking to other players because they will usualy be fanboys or jealous [bleeps]. In the end I think that cannoners should follow the same prinicple as other players(nice ones at least), 'last one there hops.'
  5. Great guide :thumbsup: , I heard once that ct waterfiends were possible but hard, so I have been waiting for somebody to figure out a good method and write a guide. Sadly, do to the way you get xp with slayer + combat, and my slight OCD I never get charms any other way than slayer along with combat xp :| .
  6. Should they nerf other money makers too, just because you are too lazy to go out and do it? I don't like to do that so it should be nerfed so other people arn't richer than me is a really poor attitude. I just think it is a great bonus to powermining iron in wildy (thats what I did the only time I did it), and btw most people don't get zaros statue every time, 750k for 2 hours of work is what I got and my friend said that is about average. :wall:
  7. I have a question for the writer of this guide. If you go to (lets say zammy since this actually happened to me)GWD solo and get a hilt drop and alch it are you making 50k profit or 27m loss(how much I sold for at the time)? Because based on your arguments earlier you will have to answer the first one. Also I am wondering if anybody here would be up for a challenge? You each get 1 week of real time to apply your methods and you record how long you spent buying, alching, making runes, etc.... After that week is up you both record how much money you gained/lost and how much magic xp you got and how long it took. I already know which one is going to win because MATH DOESN'T LIE, but maybe a real example will finally prove it to all the people who refuse to look at and accept the math.
  8. Well since everybody else decided to answer every question you didn't ask and not the one you did like 5 times, I will. You need about 5/10-8/10 of a crystal bow to do fight caves each time, but it is still a good idea to bring more than one so that you have a 10/10 at Jad, wheather you just switch bows at him or all the way through, like everybody else already said. Also you will probably be a lot close to 5/10 charger or half a cbow for fight caves since you are maxed stats and I've only had around 80-85 ranged when I've done the caves.
  9. TY, this will be handy on the rare occasions that I get to use a computer that can handle HD :lol: .
  10. I know, I was talking to guy who posted after you...
  11. Pyrelord is actually slower xp/h like he said, but I would suggest edgeville if you are going to use anyways, or Oo'glog like Aslan said, espeicaly since you specifically said non-crowded. Also if you are going to use edge run up and light beacen if/when you can, it is same xp per log for only 1 beacon but it does 20 logs or so at once.
  12. They're in his sig -.- idiot You can always merch, always farm and mtk on the side. He just added them. -.- idiot +1, read before you post #-o
  13. If you don't mind using a couple more prayer pots, it could be useful at spectres since most people pray anyways (def doesn't make a difference). Although the prayer bonus from initiate might override the bonuses of Void in terms of efficiency... Can't use void or neizinot at specters :wall: , he was only talking about for last part of what I said about slayer helm + fury being good elsewhere, which I was unsure about anyways. As for specters there is no debate slayer helm + fury wins.
  14. You said salve and slayer helm don't stack but then you say to use them both at the same time Because Abberant Spectres need a special headgear to kill, and the Slayer Helm provides the best defense bonuses against that attack. Also, the larger bonus will be activated (the Salve Ammy). I checked max hit calculator and fury is better than Salve(e) at abherent specters. You have to wear slayer helm anyways so you are only really getting 5% bonus from salve(e), and when I did max hit calculator, for me at least, 8 str bonous gave same max hit as 5% str bonus. In other words I did slayer helm + salve(e) and got same max hit as slayer helm + fury. Also since 8 str is better than 10 attack has to be(unlike def, att and str are on same scale, whip & GS for example). On top of that Fury also gives prayer and def bonus for whichever method you use. So fury wins hands down on any undead task that requires slayer helm, and possibly on others as well as the offensive bonuses of fury are better than that of neizinot. Plus slayer helm and fury might also give more def than salve and neizinot. :thumbsup: You would have to do an xp per hour(and maybe gp) test to see which is actually better accuracy and prayer/def wise.
  15. Holy Crap, that is amazing? I couldn't even do that if I was able to somehow duplicate myself :shock: .
  16. Cool guide, if I ever decide to make a members pker I will diffidently try this :D .
  17. I noticed the Dragon Axe's in some of the pictures of pks. I had no clue that the dagannoth kings where from all the way back then :shock: , what was that like?
  18. Very interesting read. I love this kind of stuff :thumbsup: .
  19. Actually three goes did not create the world, Guthix found and empty plain and created gielinor(runescape) by himself. The other gods then came to runescape, not to mention Zamorak only became a God sometime in the second age after leading a coup on Zaros who was a way more powerfull/cooler evil god, that even saradomin feared. 8-)
  20. this may be fun for a DIYer but you would make more money buy selling the nats and yews, and other than that there are a lot of better ways to make money.
  21. I voted for not runescape related because I have the firefox/google homepage but I did have rs as my homepage a while ago :oops:
  22. Its an intersting guide but I think it would be nice if you added a little note to say that even if you don't want a fury it is still a good profit, I did it sometimes on my way to 99 fishing and was able to sell 1.5k deaths for a profit on G E instead.
  23. It does not matter if you made them because you still lose the money during the alching stage. You only make money during wcing and spinning flax.
  24. If it was a book about an interesting part of Runescape history I might read it, just like I read any other intersting fiction :D
  25. Green has said, quit well, what I believe so just read what he said to hear my opinion. Other than that I have a question, Why is Jagex constantly working to correct the prices of junk items yet not just correcting the prices of the 3a, partyhats, etc...???? I mean really how more obvious could that be!!! : Edit: Ok I've heard a lot about 'players should trade through the ge to fix prices' and a lot of other people stating why that won't work, but since obviously a lot of people are to stupid/stubborn to understand ill try to put it in a different way. If you want to trade at 5% a day to fix the price of say... the 3rd age platebody ((which was stated earlier to be worth at least 200m) from the 38.5m Jagex says it is worth, a person would have to lose about 3bill !!!! I would do the actual calculations if it wasn't so late here, but that is a good estimate Now feel free to keep arguing that point if you are willing to come up with cash :D
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