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  1. Iron arrows = +4.225% dps of bronze Steel arrows = +12.676% dps of bronze Mithril arrows = +21.127% dps of bronze Adamant arrows = +33.803% dps of bronze did i mention i have a spreadsheet for this? SURPRISE check out the ammo costs tab It also gives you an indicator of damage output. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdEVFNkhzNHJsbDFSNDhmemhQUnRNTFE&hl=en_US#gid=0
  2. equilibrium's essentially useless on anything but nex, as has already been discussed in this thread.
  3. Penance would be fairly useless on everything in there other than nex. In which case it'd save you 1 prayer potion dose for every ~10 saradomin brew doses. Which still isn't spectacular. Unless you have nex gear, then it'd be a bit better since you're getting more out of each saradomin brew. vampyrism would net on the order of 600-800 life points per nex kill. Which is worth a single potion. But you wouldn't have to deal with the stat reducing effects of saradomin brews as often. Reverence might actually save you more potion slots. None of these auras really boost your kill speed outside of nex. All you're doing is saving yourself about, ~2 prayer potions per hour. I don't think an aura is even worth withdrawing to save 2 prayer potions in an hour. I say save your money. As of right now, jack of all trades might be the only useful aura. Oh and maybe lesser surefooted aura for run energy restoration.
  4. Recent dominion tower video debunks this theory. We pretty much already know what bosses are going to be on the tower I think. Jagex did a series of 5 polls asking what monsters people wanted to face again. Take the top 50% of the poll and you'll get a very strong indication of what bosses will be there. So far, everything in the leak falls within the top 50% of each poll. List here: http://www.xp-waste.com/dominion-tower-predictions-t1047.html im gonna go ahead and make the following prediction: there will be 5 floors/tiers to the minigame, and the bosses per tier will be approximately the following: [spoiler=Tier 5]Nomad (699) - Nomad's Requiem Jungle Demon (195) - Monkey Madness Balance Elemental (454) - While Guthix Sleeps Pest Queen (599) - The Void Stares Back The Inadequacy (343) - Dream Mentor Zenevivia (246) - Love Story Dagannoth Mother (353) - Blood Runs Deep [spoiler=Tier 4]Evil Chicken (170) - Recipe for Disaster Arrav (180) - The Curse of Arrav Damis #2 (174) - Desert Treasure Sea Troll Queen (170) - Swan Song Nezikchened (187) - Legends' Quest Barrelchest (170) - The Great Brain Robbery Vanstrom Klause (169) - Darkness of Hallowvale [spoiler=Tier 3]Fareed (167) - Desert Treasure Bandos Avatar (125) - The Chosen Commander Kamil (154) - Desert Treasure Ice Queen (111) - Hero's Quest General Khazard (112) - Fight Arena Ice Troll King (122) - Fremennik Isles Banshee Mistress (111) - Smoking Kills Dessous (139) - Desert Treasure Tanglefoot (111) - Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains Leeuni (165) - Do No Evil Colonel Grimsson (160) - King of the Dwarves Slash Bash (111) - Zogre Flesh Eaters Bouncer (137) - Fight Arena Quest Gelatinnoth Mother (130) - Recipe for Disaster Flambeed (149) - Recipe for Disaster [spoiler=Tier 2]Elvarg (83) - Dragon Slayer Culinaromancer (75) - Recipe for Disaster Damis (103) - Desert Treasure Dagannoth Mother (100) - Horror from the Deep Black Knight Guardian (110) - A Void Dance Dad (101) - Troll Stronghold The Illusive (108) - Dream Mentor Agrith-Naar (100) - Shadow of the Storm TokTz-Ket-Dill (100) - TokTz-Ket-Dill Treus Dayth (95) - Haunted Mines San Tojalon (106) - Legends' Quest Skeletal Hellhound (97) - In Search of the Myreque A Doubt (78) - Dream Mentor Nazastarool (91, 68, 93) - Shilo Village Baby Roc (75) - My Arm's Big Adventure [spoiler=Tier 1]Delrith (27) - Demon Slayer Count Draynor (37) - Vampire Slayer Koschei the Deathless (0) - Fremennik Trials Melzar the Mad (43) - Melzar's Maze Ungadulu (70) - Legends' Quest Tumeken's shadow (72) - Missing My Mummy Sigmund (64) - Another Slice of H.A.M Solus Dellagar (0) – Wanted The Kendal - (70) - Mountain Daughter Draugen (69) - Fremennik Trials Witch's Experiments (19, 30, 42, 53) - Witches House Angry Unicorn (47) - A Soul's Bane Slug Prince (62) - Slug Menace Bandit champion (70) - The Feud Huge Jubbly Bird (9) - Recipe for Disaster
  5. 7.4 * 474kgp = 3.5m (Time saved and the extra cost of it) This is not the correct way of calculating total change in money. 21.4 hours * 2000 chins * 465gp per red chin = 20 mil 28.8 hours * 2000 chins * 228 gp per grey chin = 13 mil so the change i money is 7 mil, not 3.5 mil. and that would mean your breakoff income would be double at about 1 mil gp/hour.
  6. breakoff income is 1.84 mil gp/hour to use red chins vs grey chins at current GE mid price. assuming a constant flow of monsters. If the monster respawn rate is slow, and you're killing them too fast with red chins that they can't respawn fast enough to keep up, then the breakoff income could be lower. Because monster respawn rate + kill rate will inhibit how many targets you will be hitting per red chin moreso than it would affect grey chin. [spoiler="Calculations]after range gear lets say you have 165 ranged attack bonus with grey chins and 190 with red chins. after you add the 64 invisible equipment bonus, you get up to 10% increase in accuracy. lets say you're 75% accurate on your target, that means accuracy would attribute a ~2.5% increase in dps. so lets juts say that, 2-3% contribution due to accuracy. being 1% off here won't really matter. Both weapons are the same attack speed, in contradiction to what is stated on rs wiki. once again 15 ranged strength and 0 ranged strength, after 64 invisible equipment bonus is a 23.4% bonus to dps. So 1.234 x 1.025 = 1.265x increase assuming GE mid price, which is rising but we'll account for that later: it costs 273 per grey chin, 546k per hour. you only need to throw 2000/1.265 = 1580 red chins to get the same amount of range xp as 1 hour of grey chins that's 933k gp in red chins, to save you 0.2 hours Price delta of 387k, translating to a breakoff income of about 1.85 mil gp/hour. I've already spoken to you on a number of occasions now, telling you to go do your research before you keep on posting DPS information. Because you're wrong, a lot of time time, by a huge margin, for reasons that I cannot attribute to simple typos into a calculator because you rare explain your calculations. Normally I wouldn't care if a DPS person didn't give calculations or not. Like in this case, I'd brush this off as "oh, whoever did this is probably just using experimental data instead of looking at a max hit calculator" But you get the calculations wrong so often that at this point, that I pretty much have to assume you messed up a calculation somewhere. It's been several months since this started. At first I was nice and I gave you links to places to read up on. But you told me that you were lazy and you were just gonna "extrapolate" from tip.it's calculator without understanding how DPS actually works. But, laziness is not a good excuse to give false information to other people asking for help. I also did the same calcs for a week ago, and i got a breakoff income of 1.3 mil gp/hour. Seriously, get your act together.
  7. edit: this just in Hey guys. Apparently the glitch happened again. And AFAIK nothing happened to the people that abused it last time. And on top of that, there was another glitch that may or may not have been related to this one. Where players could get multiple of the same aura. These auras would not stack in your bank, and they would share separate timers. IE 2 jack of trade lamps every 24 hours for example. Still haven't seen anybody claim to have more than 2 of the same aura though. Maybe this specific bug is capped at 2 of the same aura. But, I wouldn't know personally.
  8. lag can be a factor. If it's there, you might need to hit it slightly early. I prefer to spamclick when in doubt, but you need pretty high apm for that. Click-lag is definitely a factor (roughly .5 seconds, spiking to 1 second at times), but I've been dealing w/ it for so long now I've forgot the timing. I definitely click beforehand, that's a must...but as for the timing, is it when the kill hit lands? Pretty sure it is but was wanting a double-check. Since my lag varies I most definitely won't get it every time, rather I'm trying to figure out when RS needs to receive the click for quickswitching (not when I send that click) and that way I can have a time to shoot for. assuming no lag, yes it's right when the kill lands. what is your ping? that should give you some indication of how much time b4hand.
  9. a lot of items have already crashed, like rares. They might have done it already. some things shot up already, like torstols.
  10. Yes to iron. Fly fishing trout/salmon should be better at those levels. If your has p2p, he should consider fish flingers starting at lvl 62 fishing.
  11. i checked last night, and the runes were selling for 1600 ea and the dust was still going for more than 16k ea. if it's changed in the last 8 hours, it just means the economy's still trying to stabilize. edit: dust is going for 17k ea runes going for 1800 ea which comes out to about 4-5 mil gp/hour
  12. none atm, armadyl runes crashed and the dust is still selling too high to make any profit at all last i checked. I'd imagine it'd stabilize at around 4-5 mil profit/hour in the long run tho.
  13. lag can be a factor. If it's there, you might need to hit it slightly early. I prefer to spamclick when in doubt, but you need pretty high apm for that.
  14. armadyl runes crashed from 2650 to 1600 ea today, that might affect things. breakoff point is around 5 mil gp/hour now. That would make it borderline justifiable for upper monster hunter incomes.
  15. in the context of 3x day tho, i'd go for duradel. Cannonables will surely be impractical on 3x day due to crowding.
  16. Wait what. I value my time at 2-3m/h BECAUSE I do Glacors. Just a very rough estimate, ~20m per boot, 45 kills/hr @ 1 boot drop per 500 kills. That's less than 2m/h - add some profit from shards and subract cost of runes, ppots, and ovls, and it should be about 2-3m/h. No idea how you get 5-9m/h, unless my luck is just THAT terrible. 1 boot drop per 350 kills seems to be the more common assumption, that's the difference probably. lets look at mith dragons for example 75 KPH with melee 115 with SOA this is off task. about a 1.5x increase to speed, so 20 mins saved per hour. but 1000 armadyl runes spent in the 40 mins, which last i checked at 2650 gp per rune, u get about 4 mil. so 8 mil gp/hour breakoff for mith dragons. The speed increase would be even less for monsters with less defense. 12 mil will remain the breakoff for most forms of monster/boss hunting. This spell really seems like something for the super rich and those interested in staking or what not. Since glacors are your primary income source, and the only source of armadyl runes. And you are asking if you should use armadyl runes. You are creating a scenario, where buying the armadyl runes off GE, and collecting the armadyl runes, are of near if not exactly equal efficiency. So you should ask yourself, if you were forced to kill glacors in between every monster hunting/slayer run, to collect more armadyl runes, would it be worth it? Considering the money from the boot drops and the effigies. We've already concluded the answer is no, but this is also another way of thinking of things. You've put yourself in a weird scenario where buying off GE and DIY are of equal efficiency, whereas generally speaking DIY is almost always less efficient. and the answer is almost always no. To use SOA efficiently, you need peons to collect the armadyl runes for you. To have peons to collect armadyl runes for you, you must be rich enough to pay the peons. You must not be one of the peons :P.
  17. it gives +20k bonus xp at teaks and like 19.5k bonus xp at ivies and around 16k everywhere else. I've heard this logic from other players, and it makes sense. You can make SC hatchets viable if your logic is that you can AFK most of SC games. you get your first 20 SC points very quickly in a game. You normally just waste the next ~15 mins getting the last 4-6 points. if you value your AFK time at 0, the sc hatchets could be viable in place of a dragon hatchet. but erm, if that's not your mindset, dont use SC hatchets.
  18. I believe she assigns up to 15. hidden update this week, 25-30 per task. Or rather, it should be 25-30 now. This update was a request from the players on the HLF. And they specifically requested 25-30. There were 3 responses, 2 from mod mat k, and 1 from mod chris L, and they didn't say anything that would imply they changed the requested number from 25-30 to anything else. you can get 60 kills per hour fairly easy with those newfangled dragonbane bolts. And chaotic rapier with max stats should be about 60 KPH too. and a bit faster than that with storm of armadyl, but you'd probably need 8-12m gp/hour income to justify that.
  19. I'm not sure what "automatic sorting, level based methods" mean. Can you elaborate? What is it exactly that you plan to do with your scripts that you can't do with the built in functions? Also, it's not like I stop anybody from typing item/hour directly into my spreadsheets. They're coded to still work if you do that instead of tinkering with the game ticks. I didn't know that, I guess that does make things like keyloggers impossible.
  20. Mine don't run off custom macros, because custom macros are a security risk compared to google doc's built in functions. I wouldn't use a spreadsheet if i had to scan double check all your macros for key loggers every time I had to open it =\. Of course that only applies for other people using your spreadsheet. Not you using your own spreadsheet. Why don't you publish the code for the macro instead. That'd be much less of a security risk than posting a spreadsheet with some mysterious script buried in it. There are ways to bypass the 50 data import limit without use of custom macros. But, I think even my most comprehensive spreadsheet only uses 48 data imports at this moment in time. Your spreadsheet does have the advantage of being able to force an update whenever you want at the click of a button. Whereas if you use Google's built in functions, forcing an update is still possible, but is kinda tedious and annoying to explain how to do it.
  21. I made an accuracy calculator over a year ago, and had it published on the archive of wisdom too before the admins here deleted that thread. You can find the calcs on www.[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] now. Yours still hasn't accounted for the equal diceroll scenario. Defense always wins if the attacker and defender roll the same number. Also theres a slight difference between max hit and maximum dice roll. You can find more data and research about this on www.[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] too.
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