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  1. Did you gain any levels throughout this? I gained 2 strength levels, so now i have 59. Sadly, i did not gain any combat levels. It is only faster by 1, and if you are comparing their stats, the scimitar is inferior to the longsword. Battleaxe> longsword> scimitar> shortsword> dagger
  2. Today i decided to train on rock crabs to prove that a longsword is better than a scimitar (rune long vs. rune skim.) 1 hour of my skim got me exactly 10923 strength exp. My highest hit was 14. 1 hour of my longsword got me exactly 13524 strength exp. My highest hit was 17. And i also used my beloved battleaxe, Ol' Nellie (yes, i named my battleaxe), so here is my result: 1 hour of Ol' Nellie, my battleaxe, got me exactly 17263 exp. My highest hit was 23. So here is the overall result: Battleaxe> Longsword> Scimitar 17263> 13524> 10923 23> 18> 14 Ol' Nellie you've done it again! :-)
  3. Wugmasterx


    I agree with Gin and Tonic, he has the authority to turn off the computer because of a few reasons: 1. It's his PC 2. You said two more minutes. And by the way, just use a skill cape or Obsidian cape until you move out or your parents are away for 3 or 4 hours; when that happens make your move.
  4. Once, i had almost killed the KBD (Thank you, Guthix for anti-fire potions and anti-fire shields!) , when i got a random event. when i had completed the random, the kbd was already dead
  5. Room 3. If the lions haven't eaten in three years, then they are probably dead. Or they haven't eaten in 3 years because they are dead.
  6. Since there is a new Slayer Master, Kuradeal (or something like that) she should assign the Dragons.
  7. Welcome to the Tip.it Forum!

  8. A pack of batteries (batteries not included)
  9. Andrew Gower: Hey, Mod Mark! Mod Mark: Yes? Andrew Gower: Lets go get rid of the glitches in the Great Orb Project!
  10. 2222 GWASWTERX I accidentally turned on caps, but still, it's close!
  11. Wugmasterx


    Because it is something you look at alot. :? I just don't really care what my weapon looks like, as long as it gets the job done. I honestly don't see why you would care about how you look while training, I'd whack stuff with a giant carrot if it had good stats. I agree, I don't wear/wield any of my weapons and armour because they look good, i wear/wield them because in my opinion they are strong (for a level 72, that is.)
  12. Thank you, Dreamtongirl!

  13. Introducing, the one and only, S.S. Tip.It! (with new metallic coating!)
  14. Isvpc (my pure) was just accused of being a bot. She told me that she reported me, i asked why, she said i was a bot, i said what makes you say that, and she said that i didn't give her my dragen kitesheeld (yes, she actually spelled it that way). I told her that they didn't exist, and she said they were a reward for completing "Zanrok reterns part II (she is terrible at spelling) :blink: There are four main things that are wrong with that: #1. We were on a F2P world, and we were both F2P #2. There is no such thing as a dragon kiteshield #3. How would that make me a bot? #4. Zamorak Returns II isn't a quest (yet?)
  15. I saw Mck-double today, i didn't know he was a Tiffer!:sad:
  16. I hate almost all of the new weapon styles. Like: All scimtars and two handers. Hate: All longswords, shortswords, silver/darklight, whip. I like the animation, though.
  17. I agree. My main (wug120) can't use free chat because i don't want to hear people insult me while i skill. On my other (isvpc), however, if someone is bothering me, i say "OMG I JUST GOT A PM THAT SAID A KID IS GIVING AWAY FREE ABYSSAL WHIPS NEAR CANFIS!" Works like a charm! :lol:
  18. I hate spawn campers! And since i am only a level 72, if my base is camped i'm basically just screwed.
  19. The BAG Costs $6.24, so he instead got a CARTON of milk. I i'm right, then i pass.
  20. I support the christmas one, but the haloween one isn't very good. Oh, and members could get ornaments gloves!
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