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  1. this gratz, mass binding is not really considered mass sniping or just sniping u should have clarified that before u went in.
  2. nice, u guys should stop posting twice!
  3. rizzle kong, please stop spamming every topic... wow Grats UK
  4. proud ex SE member <3: live on for more!
  5. they messed up all the rules on their side, really will never declare on them again, but our styles and orgonisation were perfect in 2nd round wich gave us the win
  6. omg lovelost lvl 120 in that vid
  7. sorry for bump, im here for my +1 Kong, rizzle stop posting, ur making people facepalm and everyone is going to have red marks on their face. i would love to see Blas take it seriously, they can pack a punch =) Gratz both
  8. beast, loving the multi f2p/p2p warring
  9. darkrai sucks tho L Great job mighty dragons made out of wood <3:
  10. Gratz edit: beating SE once doesnt mean ur #2 team
  11. gj, go back to pvp =) we have seen enough cwri's
  12. Simple question, many clans have goals to be able to pull more, be more organized, more powerful on the battlefield. im sure your clans has goals of its own, what is stopping you/your clan from achieving it? is it another clan in rivalry? it can even be dumb members bringing your clan down, many different things. another question: what is stopping you from performing 100% for your clan to show your true potential. we are in times with ddosers and petty flaming (wich some people due get hurt/annoyed about) and more NH actions you can say. Some times its just the regular real life issues like work, shcool etc. or maybe just parents being a pain, not letting you get on at certain times when your clan has that uncapped fight that you just HAVE to go to! so whats stopping YOU from performing at your best?
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