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  1. 1. Do you preffer Mid Size or Top Clan? Why? Mid sized, because you can show your talents and potential more easily 2. Say you were in a Mid Size clan, Who would you join? im already in a mid sized clan, if not T0 then Dragonwood. 3. Say you were in a top clan who would you join? TRWF/DF 4. What are some noticable differences between the two groups? top clans are bigger XD and usually older and more experienced, but it is not always the case, THE and GLADZ are older then a lot of the top 10 clans so its not always the case.
  2. Am8 Jc 067 <---- FFS ACCENT!!!! True 2k8 Dennisbruv Merked Lovelost parshdarsh H A Richards Majin Wouter no order if i was to pick a best it would be True 2k8
  3. CR vs CORR all nighter for me, got like 30 kills or something that war
  4. is that infinitones cropping? XD gratz
  5. its group stage gratz on ur win
  6. i think david is winning, idk about u guys hope u had fun Poison
  7. nothing lol, exept maybe stay up for a war, but if i feel sleepy ill go to sleep, exept this one cr war! i couldnt see end cuz i had to go to school =( thats it
  8. i bet if u were in a pvp fight and u lost ur whole bank youd would say it was easy fight wasnt there, gratz
  9. happy b day scotty <3: and gj TKO and nice endings
  10. Yer we did have too many snipers at the start and 1 person on the memberlist. 5 mins into the fight it was legit and stayed that way from then on. fair enough, we didnt send snipers, didnt have numbers but i did see a lot of people just randomly hitting yours so i apologize for that also. Gratz again but i must say those last 2 minutes were we had literarly 10 people were the funniest in my clan history because we were going to "ninja" you and try to evade u to not get 100 kills but u suddenly got a pile so we were focused on not 101! but then someone dced wich made things bad for us. was a hell of fun =)
  11. with the girl sounds game probably going to go 21+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip rizzle but no i do not like them! AT ALL lol sounds off from now on
  12. Krist115

    Next #1

    RoT or EoS, others no, maybe RSD
  13. ok u can not say that we broke rules lol, yes we braught DG at like the last half of the fight because in the beggining none of our members had it, it was YOUR members that had the dg on, so we said they arent going to change so when we return just bring dg items, we are fine with it, just dont say we did something wrong when u had members. also since beggining u had more then 3 snipers lol, each fall in leader was getting attacked + other members by multiple snipers im not going to post proof because it is cwa and no big deal, gratz on ur win u deserved it and good pull. when the numbers were even we kept the performence very even and almost caught up but we dropped a ton and u stayed stable, first 2 minutes or so we owned but then u came back, good job for that. Hope we can rm some other time. you know were to find us
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