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  1. one of ur members told me he had 62 deaths and 2 kills lol, some of ur members from both clans must have lost quite a bit =(
  2. it attracts me, so think of your point of view to ur answer.
  3. was fun, would have been more fun if i hadnt lagged so bad =(((( , thanks for th eifght lof
  4. nice job Dwood, darkrai is badddddddfdddddddddd
  5. loool nice spams, i love the angelo gratz
  6. what time was this, considering the 2 very different timezones of the clans Gratz nevertheless
  7. i dont think so. like dan said, youd just hit your own people and who would spent all that time getting the wep?
  8. Krist115


    ending opts are higher for EoS, but i dont really care gratz whoever won
  9. when i saw FD in p2p i was like trolololol fighting dynasty, but then i see it was different clan keep it up, go pking =)
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