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  1. hope you find the "small" wars your looking for
  2. actually quite impressed, keep it up
  3. was a lot of fun, thanks for the fight se <3:
  4. would be cool to try out
  5. what was snipe cap? Gratz
  6. another team, wtf they just keep appearing. Gratz L, but yea what Kim said, lets see some DK aftermaths!
  7. o looky my starting! had to defend Warria06's dced player for as long as i could! fending off the mighty snipers and eating all that pizza he dced... making my efforts useless! was fun
  8. thats a lot of finnish people Gratz edit: 1.5k posts !!!!
  9. Krist115

    DH vs. NK

    havent heard in awhile, looks like ur still pulling 30+ strong, keep it up
  10. gratz boise, Cruel get a skirt you noob, plate legs suck!
  11. DDosing, seriously? CWA? wow and i thought ive seen it all. @T-Board, i dont think spamming multi kills etc is anything offensive, its simply a pump up method Downfall use and other clans do too. I dont think they were intending on flaming you with it. Gratz boise
  12. They were out ACing, no one pulls high to those. Gratz The Lovelost Glan
  13. Rizzle is talking about the now, not the then. Now there is a lot of cwa clans, if every world in runescape the wildy was dangerous how would people get to the arena? I do think simply bringing back the old wildy is ok with the ep system, every world dangerous is fine by me too.
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