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  1. almost 10k there dan XD

    nice, i do agree, res had a very unique community xD

  2. Krist115

    MB Era

    ^ Pretty much this.
  3. If the clan world never changed and stayed the same for years and years it would die out very quickly, all we can be is thanful that it is changing, maybe you can subtract some things like the ddosing/hacking/petty flaming but honestly im happy that the clan world now is different from 2005 lets say, does it mean its better? no, does it means its worse? no. Its just different and in 5 years time it will be different again.
  4. Gratz TT, i thought it was dead clans vs dk but then i saw TT capes and TT members in chat box, looks like u had fun TT
  5. looked fun, but what about Corr, Vr, NG, Fools, EoS? what happened with them?
  6. my God Kim is becoming a troll, im never trolling on these boards again, id get roflstomped.
  7. get more p2p pics pl0x! and nice job
  8. GJ RSD and GJ TR looks like they did well considering numbers
  9. welcome back LPT ! glad to see u guys back keep up the amazing performance TRWF
  10. who knows how many clans need to die for CL to be #1
  11. cool story bro

  12. Krist115

    CR vs SE

    very gj both. se doing very well lately
  13. angelo is a legend =))))))) i love ur banner
  14. im very fine with the moment T0 is doing atm, not really any other point in T0's history id go back to so ill give you a different clan Resilience: When would you have wanted to be present within your clan? Crash War with Solace, i was on holiday with no option of getting on comp for wars, i would have loved to be apart of it more. What were the events surrounding that point in your clans life? Talk [cabbage] get hit Why does that moment stand out for you the most? Because i was very into Resilience and we took crap from no one, so solace crash war was a big deal
  15. i like beef, gratz Dragonwood, chad is [cabbage] u should pile him, free bank loot
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