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  1. It's important to lure the dragons onto the cannon to increase the frequency of cannon shots
  2. I find it quite insulting when people say "the only floors are s/l". 148 really isn't as bad as a lot of people make out. I key 20 minute floors the majority of the time, and I find most of the randoms I take to be compliant. Sure I'm not the fastest, ( best I've done is a 17) and sure you get some bad people ( worldbearer full of morays) but I still find it easy to enjoy my floors and be relatively efficient at the same time.
  3. Finished. Nice lack of an explanation where/how to kill the new things. Off i go to find out the hard way.
  4. LOL Everyone who gets hacked always says the same stuff... Protip _ stop watching those videos
  5. Gained over 2.5m dg xp today in very little time. Luckily I was in a group that did 12 floors back to back :D so no problems with regards to people rage quitting. Just wish I could do some p2h hunts without losing out on my multiplier....
  6. This. Not sure why but im planning on doing a tree run. Might help one day with 120 farming...
  7. This. A thousand times. Excited for ROTM. Looks like I have no choice as to what I'm training on bxp..
  8. Perhaps you didn't notice that the Edgeville updates were not mentioned anywhere near the start of the BTS. That rule does not always apply. But yes, in this specific case, it does say finally. On topic - looking forward to improving companions, I was one of a seemingly tiny minority who enjoyed Trekking before now.
  9. Not that anyone will care, but I've decided to leave DGS. However this post is not going to rant about the clan is any way whatsoever. I only left because of a girl (odear). When I was hardcore dging with you guys, back in November/December/January I think, it was brilliant. Could not have asked for a better group of teachers. I have spent the last couple months maxing out (as Ousekeys may have noticed, as we were both miles ahead of anyone else in the clan for xp gained, but usually within 1-2m of each other. Fair play to you!). But now it's time for me to dg again. Only I have to key every floor I do for someone else :P Going to be happily keying for 2-3 randoms every floor in 148 on my way to 120. Thanks again to everyone involved with making DGS a fantastic teaching clan. Keep up the hard work!
  10. Got my VIP ticket. odear. At least i dont have to pay for travel/accomodation.
  11. Staff of Light is a must. Infinity boots are a cheap upgrade. Either God Cape or Ardy cape 3/4 (probably the ardy cape as you lack prayer bonus in mage gear). Ahrims and Slayer Helm is a good choice. If you are a dungeoneering fan, Arcane Stream necklace is very useful. If you despise dungeoneering, a Fury is next best. With regards to a shield, for monsters with a lot of HP, a surgebox is a good choice. Effectively adding another 5% damage (although it will work out to be slightly less than that because of the way the special effect works). Obviously Arcane spirit shield is a good tanking option, as it has high mage attack bonus. Edit: I forgot one very important thing. If you are 91+ Summoning, a Wolpertinger is a very good familiar to use. Using the spec every minute (the scrolls are cheap) will keep your magic level at +7, adding another 21% damage to all your spells. If not 91 + Summoning, but you have a nice amount of overloads to use up, those are an alternative, providing the same damage boost. If you dont have loads of overloads either, you could either buy a vecna skull, or use extreme magic pots.
  12. You realise Blue is 3.8b minimum now. Lots of discussion atm is hinting toward 4.5+ Went past max cash a while ago. As a phat owner, i wouldnt really care if they became untradable or something similar. I only have it because i dont know what to do with my cash.
  13. Yes. Usually between approximately 20 and 30 hours since the last update. There is no fixed time.
  14. The only "good" moneymaker at GWD, excluding Nex, is solo Bandos. With those stats, you will never be able to make good money at GWD. Every non-LS world nearly always has multiple people FFAing now. With no chaotics or Turmoil, you have got no chance. If you duo, you'll just get beaten by a soloer in non-LS world, and beaten by a better duo or a mass in a LS world. The next best (although much less profitable) boss, Armadyl, is also out of your league, with 88 range, no rigour(or SS), no ccbow. If you hate Dungeoneering that much, I would suggest getting 95 prayer and getting a long term Duo Corp partner. Without chaotics, thats the best you can do, Boss-wise.
  15. Just to add my opinion on your gear: You will not get into a good nex team with that setup. You didn't mention Claws (although your avatar suggests you own some), if using void you HAVE to use a deflector, Ranger boots are usually a requirement in a good team, as is rigour (especially as youre not using a maul).
  16. But you shouldnt be slaying in there anyway of course. Unless you have an Abby Demon task. (steels and irons are definately not dartable) untrue. i find hellhounds, greaters, and gargoyles to be very dartable. you can sorta do blue drags, but its a tossup between crossbow and darts then. but yeah, definitaley a crossbow or metal drags. Agh. I was referring to the fact that there are better places to do those tasks, or its better to not do them at all. If you insist on doing garg tasks (lol) then yes, you can rune dart them there. Hellhounds should be cannoned in resource dungeon. Greaters skipped or cannoned in rev dungeon, Blue drags skipped or cannoned in resource dungeon.
  17. But you shouldnt be slaying in there anyway of course. Unless you have an Abby Demon task. (steels and irons are definately not dartable)
  18. General consensus is 5% bonus damage on DKs
  19. If people thought the botting was bad, its about to get a whole lot worse. New bot just released with cannon and yak support... [spoiler=Info regarding bots] Have fun.
  20. Hidden update: Sandstorm has hit Lumbridge.
  21. I'd be surprised if the stats are in any way better to what we currently have access to. I'd be more inclined to think that the capes will have no stats at all, like clan capes. They're aesthetic items, surely. Jagex are not likely to hand out Chaotic capes to people who have played for a few years.
  22. Worth noting some stab weak things (eg: Hellhounds) are weaker to crush than slash. Don't just slash everything.
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