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  1. I believe it would be better to use a fire spell, even if it is lower level. That makes sense. But what is your magic level?
  2. I did the tip! Yayyyyyyyy! I'm so very happy :D .
  3. Slayer is great when you're using a black mask/slayer mask. I mean, really good, because you can do it for ages and not feel like you're grinding. With that said, Zombie Monkeys under Ape Atoll temple are great for training. Finally, you'll probably want 70 strength at some point to get into Bandos. For masses and the like.
  4. If only the lady had asked Jagex precisely how they work against bots and what their long-term plans are. I'm sure they have something up there sleeve, I just hope they don't take forever to get it going. Sounds like a fun day though-I'd love to go see Jagex :) .
  5. More runes etc is useful, especially since it can cut all costs for slayer dart. Well worth it IMO, for 2 or 3 kills.
  6. I can't stand those signature heroes. Such cliche characters, let them die.
  7. You're not the only one. I have much the same complaints. I can't find anything immersive or engaging about the Quests centered around Myreque. I absolutely agree. I don't like them at all, and I tend to think of myself as something of a quester with 230~ish questpoints.
  8. The key is to maximise your chances/minute. It doesn't matter how high level the method is. For example: big net fishing is the best way to get a fishing rock, because you get about 10 chances in as many seconds (estimate). On the other hand, shark fishing would be a rubbish method because you don't actually pick up a shark nearly as often. I don't precisely know much of the exact methods, but that's the golden rule: most chances/minute. Also don't forget to check if your method supports rocks. Some of them don't, e.g. butterfly barehanded catching. Cheap methods are easier to do as you won't be worried about running out of supplies.
  9. But will it be f2p? Given that level 60, 70, and 80 armour isn't f2p, no, level 85 won't be either.
  10. Ever felt the grand exchange was too crowded? No, but it looked rubbish, so this sounds pretty damn cool! Everything sounding good so far? Not necessarilyl, but I'd be happy to hear Mod Timbo grunting while I train agility :lol: . All the same, I wish you'd said you did real magical spells to get the sound :P . Morytania: meh, until they graphically update mort myre...I'll still think it's boring. Don't like that series, can't do the quest as I haven't got anywhere near finishing it. Nor do I have the stats, which frankly look very close to GM. Edgeville: Yes! One of the most-used places in game (apart from GE) deserves a proper graphical makeover. New RC robes: I hope you need to trade in all 3 old colours. Because if so, I'm pretty 'set'. Hopefully they provide a bigger RC boost in the minigame as well.
  11. I liked it. I've never seen one of those trees falling over before.
  12. If you collect in calquat kegs, you can use glasses on them to get pints separately. This saves you the trouble of banking when doing a run. Oh really? Thanks, I didn't know that: I thought the stuff got stuck in kegs forever lol.
  13. I honestly have no idea why you're doing chefs delights, but if you want to get mature brews, you really need to use the stuff to have any reasonable hope. Other than that, brewing takes 2-5 days per vat. So what if yours has been going for 3 days? That's perfectly normal.
  14. The longer you leave it, the better chance you have of a better seed/item. The best possible task is almost always maples, and the remaining 5 worker's jobs consistently vary. Generally speaking, if you could do with resources for a skill you're training (e.g. herblore) then you should put them onto that, or if you want money then you can decide at the last minute and then get the most money possible. All of this is explained here.
  15. Let me get this into your thick skull. You suggest he has Karamja gloves 4, since he has done the fight caves before. However, one of the tasks is to kill Jad. last time he did the fight caves, he died to Jad. He did not kill him. As a result he could not have Karamja gloves 4, as the task is not completed as he did not gain a fire cape to talk to the banker with, and as a result he cannot benefit from the ressurection benefit of said items.
  16. The best advice i can give is to look at your runescape career as a whole. For example you only get 13m exp in a skill until its 99 and then dead to you (i assume being a power gamer min/max guy once a skill is 99 you are done with it) and any exp after that in the skill is wasted time. That being said you dont want to 'waste' any exp and that excludes some of the better (faster) training methods. ill use armored zombies for example very fast combat exp however if you get al your combat stats to 99 at armored zombies all the combat exp you get while training slayer is wasted. Also, you have to use the skills that make cash to pay for the ones that cost cash. You dont want to waste time grinding out cash to pay for something you could have paid for if you would have trained smarter. For example you could train WC at ivy for fast exp, and if you do the math you only really save about 50 hours at ivy but it costs you close to 50m cash in the end. That 50m is enough to pay for c99 construction. Train smart. You are afk watching movies while training WC anyway why not make 50m while you are at it. People say start farming now, what they mean is start doing herb runs now, you can crank one out every 90 min and over the course of a year you can make the cash for a few 99s from herbs. Also, get a megavideo account so you have something to keep your mind occupied while you train, this game can make you want to slit your wrists sometimes. Train RC at the zmi, its the exception, that skill makes people want to murder themselves. Maxing out a runescpae account takes years plural. your biggest roadblocks will be: 1: family and friends. 2: other commitments (school etc) 3: your sanity (get a megavideo account and watch stuff) You need a way to hide the oceans of time you will be using to max out. Ughh...I knew I wouldn't like your post as soon as you started talking about how he was embarking on a new career. And then at the end, you said his family would be a real obstacle to him. I know you'd like to max out, but please: don't sacrifice fun for xp. The moment you do that, it's just not worth it anymore. Only pixels, and since this game is VERY grindy, just try to enjoy yourself.
  17. I'm sorry for your loss. I imagine they have a policy of not refunding items, because they're still in the game, but it is a shame about the stats. A lesson to us all, I guess, and if jagex hadn't asked you for your email adress to make your account 'more' secure then I guess this would never have happened :( .
  18. Thank you very much, and for the responses to other people highlighting what I've actually said in my post. Should I use a boosting prayer, or is that a waste? I have tried this once before using chivalry and it worked very well while training attack: however it did cost a good deal of prayer potions. I'll be getting a d defender soon. Other people: I want 70 strength so I can go to fun Masses at Bandos...not so much to worry about getting loads of damage done, etc. It's just for fun. What's this about how bad Guthans is for slaying generally? I don't have acess to a bunyip, and while I'm working on an EE I'm not there yet either. I find it hard to understand why I should really be just using food? EDIT: and let's clarify the stance on slayer. What I actually think is that while entertaining on some tasks, on many you sacrifice an even moderately good xp rate for the sake of the task at hand, and some tasks are just hard work for me rather than something I can relax in (e.g. bloodvelds, which I end up guthans-ing and fluctuating hitpoints up and down on).
  19. So: I want to fix my combat imbalance and improve my strength level so that I can hit stuff higher, and I also want to be able to get into masses at Bandos. What do I need? 70 Strength! Oh, and I'll be able to have all my stats in the highscores too ^_^ Now, what I would really like are suggestions of two things: the location, and the weapon. And armour etc if that's necessary. What have I tried and not liked? Armoured Zombies (too many bots), Yaks (too many bots), Experiments (too far away from each other/generally dull), Slayer (fun, but you often can't afford to use a str training weapon because you need guthans/whip/whatever). I've done a whole bunch of quests. So that's good. Just thought it was worth saying. I'm going to get 75 attack soon in case you require that for your reccomendation (e.g. d00d totally borrow a gs they r great!). My budget is rather limited: probably not over 2M in a pinch, but if you can honestly say you have the best idea ever that requires 5M, I'll think about it.
  20. Guys, you've all forgotten one really important thing. Chaotic spear would be poisonable, so great for...poisoning things!
  21. I honestly believe that all of these scams have their origins in being nice. Genuinely, you have too much money, you're bored, and you decide you'll double people's cashpile. For free. Or you'll trim their armour. For free. Or you'll host a drop party. At a secret location. Genuinely, if I was stupidly rich and I was bored, I would rather do this than host some stupid organised lottery. But I'd want the people to be trusting, so I wouldn't do it in one trade. It's not always a scam. It just is most often, and I believe the torva and purple may have been a genuine doubling from a guy who had no idea what to do with his newfound cash. No-one complained in your story, so I don't see what's wrong. You're just too quick to judge.
  22. Y'know, I couldn't care less about your servant being polite, but I want my butler to shave his damn moustache! I put a shaving stand specifically in his room, as a hint, but it seems that instead he's decided to use it so he can start waxing it. Bloody cheek.
  23. Really irritating, especially in the duel arena where every second counts for duel preperation (pots, prayers, summons, etc).
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