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  1. A sutiable punishment for third catch of breaching botting rules shoudl be that they sell your entire bank on G.E., low 5%, and destroy all of your stats.
  2. The demand is high, especially for greens, due to the speed of crafting training. People do buy it and use it.
  3. What I think might be cool is just voice chat within a fixed radius of walking, with volumes added in per distance. So for example, as I wander through lumbridge I hear people having a conversation about fishing, and then I go to the cowfields and there's people who are talking about levelling strength on pures. Just localized chat would be really cool :) .
  4. Hehe. Yet more reasons to get 99 dungeoneering :) .
  5. Really? The BTS smithing update teaser got me really excited. I hope the new swords look good though, and have special properties, and that the options for cannon improvement are unusual and can be personalised well.
  6. Can anyone explain this [wagon] thing to me? Maybe in a PM if it's rude, I've seen it used several times on tip.it already but nowhere else.
  7. Yes. Given that Vitruvius is possibly the greates metallurgist and magical theorician ever to have existed on gielinor, I suppose it must have been heart-breaking to have a stupid and lazy one. But you can't just abandon an apprentice. I'm sure Vitruvius oneday hoped that he would be better than he is as of yet.
  8. Nicely written and it taught me a few things I don't know. Should a level 83 combat level 45 dungeoneer attempt w117, or would that be pointless?
  9. Heh, dodgy lures. All part of the fun I guess, but if we really think about it, the answer is to be careful and not risk your stuff for someone else. I've always been amused by anti-lurers, especially people that exploit a completely unforseen possibility like telegrabbers :D .
  10. Onyx :lol: Seriously? Emerald would probably get the best balance between actual experience and cash used.
  11. Guys, the question must be about his RSN2 which has no melee stuff ranked. As a result he obviously can't use an SS, so what's the point in saying that?
  12. Ah, but that armour has to be in sets. I think until they have the full set, they won't to avoid a TT-esque fiasco. I don't understand though-wasn't it..erm...vitruvius? that was making the machines, not the apprentice? Why do we have such terrible armour? Can anyone show me a pic of gloves and boots for elemental or body armour? What dissapoints me a little in these quests is that it focuses very much on the mechanisms to prime the bars and create them, but tells practically nothing on the actual smithing techniques. That could make a really interesting subject (apart from the helms) because, well, how do you make a transparent shield? How do you vary those bodies? How do you shape those gloves? Interesting to hear about astrals, it seems they are on then. I'd be surprised if death and blood are in there though, seeing as those are just so very combattic, however I guess chaos was in there. Finally speaking of which, why wasn't chaos black or gold, and cosmic a paler yellow? That would tie in with the rune guardians: Brown just looks so dull!
  13. Hard=difficult to kill=takeing a while to kill. No? To make this more of a proper post, I think it's fabulous that we have a boss where everyone d'claw spec'ing doesn't work, because that takes away from any "epicness" involved. I'd say nex is a great boss with fabulous drops, which makes it very good that she is tough to kill.
  14. Has anyone got a picture of the full elemental armour? Purple stuff, I mean. In any case, I'm looking forward to the whole set. I doubt they'll do astral, since only lunar clan know about that, but I'm certainly looking forward to getting the whole set. What I really don't understand, though, is why the helm has to look so darn stupid?
  15. Wow. Wish I was high level enough to try this, anyway I'll definitely try tele-grabbing next opportunity I get :D .
  16. The golden era of Runescape was when your friends played, you didn't grind, you did a little better than most of them, and you had everything you wanted at your fingertips. The worst time in Runescape is when you know the levels, you don't have any friends, and you grind things out. To relieve yourself of the boredom you become active on forums and the like. 'Nuff said.
  17. I'd vote yes, again. The wilderness has become a lot safer than it used to be :lol: .
  18. Hey guys, new to tip.it, I signed up because Sal's forum is empty. There's practically no conversation going on, I hope there wil be more here. I can only play RS in the holidays, but when i do I blog about it here: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?autocom=blog&blogid=1774& That's also a blog about minecraft and such. Oh, and I thought tip.it would be good because I come here every week to read the times.
  19. Mazes are very generous, unlike any other random event, which is a shame. Although of course if done incorrectly generous randoms would flood the market with items, done cleverly (for example with useful but untradeable items or minigame reward tokens) it would make randoms a pleasure to do. Of course, mazes are especially generous if you are behind someone who knows that random very well ^_^ .
  20. Wow. This makes me wish I was a slave, so I could do an hour's work and get 2M :D .
  21. NO. Phats don't even look that good anyway, and it's not worth losing a friend over.
  22. Fletching, because it's do-able but less common. That, and fletching is my favourite skill :) . Fletcher:"..." "..." "I don't have a quote D-:"
  23. The person who is the best at both PvM and PvP or is at the top of one and close to the top of the other is the best player. Oh, but they've also got to be able to edit videos of their acheivements well, so we all know about it.
  24. Woodcutting and fishing? Interesting choice, why not go for a more expensive skill like smithing?
  25. This man has an interesting way of reviewing the game: Firstly, he uses poor hardware. This results in him playing with the lowest available graphics and having his game frequently crash. Secondly, he doesn't give p2p a go. Odd, because that's really the full game. Third, he purposefully reviews something he knows he won't like. Although that's fair enough, seeing as he's jsut trying to make money with his "abandoned ware" column. Fourth, he fails to ask the advice of someone who actually plays to see if there's something they think would be worth taking a look at. Finally, he doesn't bother to properly read his post, making a mistake in one of his first sentences. I've never read an article on gamespy, but judging by this the site's review section isn't of very good quality. (wait, no, I have. But that was one on Rome: Total War that was shipped in from IGN).
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