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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk
  2. I live at Nex however I'm guessing it might not be the most efficient since nobody else has mentioned it as far as I've read. Nex and Glacors are the only bosses that don't bore me to death, which is my main deciding factor at the end of the day
  3. After getting a duo virtus wand at nex I'm finally able to upgrade my gear a bit. picked up a v wand of my own and a drygore mh weapon.
  4. It is super straight forward, so there is practically no need for a guide. The only thing that a guide would do is ruin the experience of the dialogue, which I'm assuming that you really don't care about. I ended up using a guide but only to find the memories, the audio and dialogue was very enjoyable
  5. I've been living at nex for the past week now. I'll start screenshotting my loot!
  6. you're going to have trouble getting anyone to exchange at that rate. gl tho!
  7. divine fishing locations are neat. I'll be waiting on a decent video guide to try the new quest
  8. I think it might only be worth doing for thieving if you're boosting, I could be wrong
  9. If you're looking for a small and friendly environment to meet new friends and hang out with then you should check out "Ancestral Guardians". Cya around!
  10. iBe


    Got to spend my entire spring break working. 6a.m. every day. I'm actually glad to be going back to school tomorrow so I can try to get a bit of sleep tonight
  11. How exciting! I'll have to check out the guide beforehand, I hope I can make it out!
  12. Very cool. Can we expect to see more RS3 or 2007scape related streams?
  13. Hello Memphis. Join my clan "Ancestral Guardians" as a guest, we'll be more than happy to help you out whenever you're online!
  14. can I maybe do warbands with u sometime, I think that would be fun.
  15. About to go to work so I'll try to make this short; The past year I've "talked" to A LOT of girls. Over christmas break it got a bit more serious with one, which had never happened before. I always tended to just text multiple girls at once and kind of soak in all of the attention. I just got in shape this year and gained a lot of confidence back, but I was still using these girls as my own confidence booster I suppose. I know that sounds terrible but that's that. Well I quickly ended things with the "more serious" girl because I was stepping out of my comfort zone. Also, a girl who I have considered a very good friend for a long time expressed feelings for me and I wanted to pursue her. Well that didn't work out. Fast forward; I come back from break and I have new classes with some people who I've never met before. There is a particular girl who caught my eye, but she had just gotten out of a very serious relationship about a week before that. I decided that I'll just introduce myself and try to keep things friendly for the time being. We instantly clicked and started texting all of the time. She soon becomes interested in me, and made it very clear. This is where some of my warning flags went up. She just broke up with a guy a few weeks ago, and I honestly wasn't trying to flirt with her at all. I like to consider myself an interesting person, but it's never been that easy before. That's most of the information, I'm not really sure if I should try to make something out of this or not. She's cute and seems to be a nice girl. quick edit: we're both going to college next semester, about 90 minutes away from each other. If that should be taken into consideration at all, I didn't really think so.
  16. A couple of years ago I sold my bandos and fury for 92 prayer, which was pretty much my bank. The only reason I decided to do it is because I knew I could easily kill frost dragons in void with a chaotic rapier, this being my main source of income. It was also great motivation to grind and earn my gear back as fast as possible. These days I don't believe soul split is as useful. There are so many healing abilities, I don't think it makes a huge difference. But as people have previously said, prayer will not be affected as greatly as you thought. You can still take my post for future advice.
  17. Stev and his puppy. And an autumn selfie from your's truly
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