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  1. Won't be able to make it because of work but best of luck with those drops ;) Glad to see you are still going with the events (:!
  2. Bandos and zammy are always great for events. bandos is good for accessibility & zammy is great for money
  3. I may not be able to attend the next event from the start but I will certainly try my best to join you before the end (:
  4. Had all kinds of fun @ the kq event today (: Can't wait to attend the gwd event tomorrow! on the 30th!
  5. Will definitely attend one or two of the events depending on how my days off work out :D
  6. Power fishing Trout/Salmon would be slightly more afk than barbarian fishing however barb would be much quicker. If you are not worried about your chat you can use this method to quickly drop the fish:
  7. Most successful event so far. By the end I believe the total was over 39m in splits.
  8. Did 3 test kills in about ~12 mins [spoiler=Loot:] [spoiler=Gear:] The frame piece was just luck but it brought the total to just over 1m Didn't notice how much I enjoy qbd so I may do more kills
  9. Your best option would be to mass kk with dual chaotic rapiers (or one rapier + shield for provoking) until you have money for dual drygore mace + full bandos. Note: Kalphite king is quite annoying in a mass but if you stick with it you will eventually get a split. Once you start nexing you can double your bank in a few days (2-4 hours a day) Note2: Your best bet for nexing would be to make some friends that are interested in doing the same thing because some teams are quite picky on equipment requirements
  10. Gold bars. With Goldsmith gaunthlets
  11. Wizards tower, South of Dranor village. http://web.archive.o...trails.htm#maps (Archived tip.it from 2007) Note - the 2013 version also has this map however it was graphically updated:
  12. Last 3 people at the event: Me Adfl Goldhunter72 When I joined I accidentally crashed a dmed: Then a few kills later we got a dmed split: Apparently I has LSP so I gave away my drops
  13. I believe you might be talking about broad arrows, Not broad bolts. :wink:
  14. I generally do max maples and the leftovers on mahogany trees. You can often make a nice profit off the seeds found within nests :wink:
  15. By right clicking the minimize button on the ability bar (top right of the bar should have a [-] button) you can toggle your sheath. Edit: Oct wins!
  16. Looking forward to this!
  17. Hi rilo kiley, Thanks for noticing this Error! The fixes have been made, You have been credited and the updated guide will go live soon.
  18. I know giant spiders in the third level of the Stronghold of Security used to be good xp p/h before eoc. I have not been F2P in many years though so that could have changed since EOC.
  19. Good turnout and it sounds like everyone had fun! Hope to see you all at the next event ;)
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