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  1. You'll always be rank 1 in my heart
  2. Yeah I'm pretty flustered and a bit perturbed by it as well Speaking of traders, my friend CrystalFarm gave me a tip about the XP I thought I'd let you all in on - If you're only doing it for thieving, as soon as you don't get the XP popup (when you get stunned), quickly relog - You won't be stunned when you log back in!
  3. My buttocks stores the finest of information. Lol :P Also Desupty told me he would try to be the first to 5.4b XP if someone donated him 25b, do you think it's possible?
  4. IIRC he doesn't have any BXP in Mining. But that's because he planned on doing WBS for Mining anyways. He probably didn't realize how many promotions jagex was going to throw at us and of course he was willing to use them so he went too fast and will have to actually train mining OMGEFFORT poor forsberg888. actually having to mine for 30m xp. i dont think he gives a single shit Haha, you're probably right :P
  5. I have it on good authority that Forsberg888 is going to beat Drumgun. Besides Smithing he's got almost everything else banked from Stealing Creation. (according to CrystalFarm)
  6. My friend Oscar gets himself into a lot of conundrums, he's been permanently banned like six times :/
  7. A lot of "casual players", ie the people who whine about loafers during castle wars just don't understand the magnitude of this requirement. Not only months of doing only castle wars games which dwarfs the other requirements time wise, but castle wars is a very repetitive thing to do, with no major rewards besides the minigame gear and completionists cape.
  8. If only they would make a drop-x :( Other than that, this looks like one of the better bts of the last few. And it's about time they reworked tears of guthix, I haven't done that in a long time even though its free xp.
  9. Probably 12 to 14 hours in one day, I've had two 6 hour logs in one day before.
  10. I used mine kind of late I guess, mostly on farming and construction.
  11. Unless I'm missing something it's not really logical to put effort in to do 5000 castle wars games when there are no bonuses besides combat xp, and Jagex hasn't put an activity bar in. The argument a lot of people try to make is that "well it's not fair that we have to do all of the work" and the whole "we'll lose if you don't help". That implies there aren't an equal number of AFKers on both teams, and each team roughly wins 1 game per loss with a long enough sample. The "solution" would be to make the requirement a reasonable number of games, though there would probably be a lot of outcry from people who already did 5k that that's not fair. IIRC, the only reason they made it 5k games was because somebody already had the other requirements or something along those lines.
  12. It's going to be much less than 333k an hour anyways, it probably rose to 8k each because people were buying them for summoning training for bxp.
  13. I agree with this. There's usually a difference between what's better for the long term health of the game and what players might want. This is all hypothetical, but If 70 percent of the players voted that old rares should be dropped again, it pleases 70 percent right? So it's the right thing to do? The economic effects would be devastating, people would likely vote yes out of greed and not think about the consequences (people that might be new, not have a lot of money), and it would be a disaster. I would say there are still a decent amount of people who would like to take runescape back to the way it looked in 2006 as well. There's a reason why Runescape has lasted so long in my opinion, it's because of the balance between the players and the creators. It might not always seem that way, but think about when they brought back free trade and the wilderness, and when they did the first bot nuke. It may have taken a while, but they listened to the players. Jagex are one of the better community involved publishers in my opinion, especially when it comes to the forums and those Q&A videos they do. I'm not saying they shouldn't take feedback, if they did a poll asking which update they would like sooner, say between two quests, that's fine, but I think of Jagex like the people we elect for congress. We "elect" them by playing their game, and stay as long as they have our interests in mind.
  14. In video fx you should look for saturation and color correction. And in terms of fading between clips, it depends on the feel of the video and what look you're trying to go for, but I usually fade between them.
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