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  1. Because Runescape uses click-based movement and movement doesn't occur in real time.
  2. Barb village got a nice graphical tweak (better fencing, added some standards, more detailed entrances). Looking forward to the quest, as i'm currently free to play. :thumbup:
  3. No, I was referring to you. You are purely opinion, or the embodiment of it. Lack of post value, content, and overall meaning are a surefire sign of this. Nice damage control. I'm sure that's what you intended. :lol: Ranting? I'm pretty sure I just make fun of dumb posts. :thumbup: If he was reminded of a specific game that means he relates that feature to a specific game. In other words, he's ignorant. Seems like you guys enjoy arguing, you try pretty hard ;)
  4. Yes, I do play runescape. And I also enjoy the new loading screen. However, I do not enjoy the new potion's graphic. I hope they change it back. That's just my two cents on this online forum for voicing you're opinion. Are you sure you play Runescape? Your post didn't really sound like it. (By the way, it's "your opinion" not "you're opinion") I can tell. WoW invented loading screens with artwork and tips? Hmm, time to tell every other MMO developer that they are copying WoW too, as well as Valve for Team Fortress 2, as well as <insert any game here>. Thanks for breaking this news.
  5. So relevant! Can anyone else making it a posting habit to have 99% flames/1% content? I for one, like the new loading screens. Because I play Runescape. I feel they add a sleek look to the game. Because I play runescape, and everyday, I will look at these often. Because I regularly play Runescape. So let me get this straight, you play Runescape? I wish I could make such content-heavy posts like yours. :(
  6. That's not classic. I still remember the grey loading bar with the old Jagex logo on Runescape Classic. This new loading screen beats both by a mile. Oh wait I forgot... this is the Runescape Community and nostalgia comes first. Classic since the beginning of RS2, not runescape classic itself. And yes, nostalgia does come first :) If nostalgia came first we would still be playing side scrollers. Please, think before you type.
  7. That's not classic. I still remember the grey loading bar with the old Jagex logo on Runescape Classic. This new loading screen beats both by a mile. Oh wait I forgot... this is the Runescape Community and nostalgia comes first.
  8. We already know Jagex's server infrastructure is extremely efficient. They were running the forums on a Celeron with 1 GB of RAM... Dont treat server specs the same as desktop specs. This means almost nothing except for enabling future engine / service upgrades.
  9. micros are complete fails, business wise and when it comes to the games. paying for unfair advantages leaves no room for fun; perfect world, i'm looking at you. Microtransactions can actually work really well. If the company is smart they can use it wisely. Riot Games does a great job of incentivising purchases in League of Legends, but everything that can be purchased can also be earned by playing (other than cosmetic skins), so it's not unbalanced for people who don't want to pay. ;)
  10. Because the pking community in runescape is so large, it fosters an "I'm better than you" attitude rather than the "Let's work together" attitude from raiding in parties in WoW. PKers make up only a very small portion of the community, actually. it's most likely the amount of immature free-to-players or young children playing the game. Hate to say it but pay-to-play members are more mature and helpful. in general p2p play games are mostly adult or older people who are usually a little more mature Also a good point. If a game is F2P it will inherently contain more immature/young/rude players simply because there is no barrier of entry.
  11. Because the pking community in runescape is so large, it fosters an "I'm better than you" attitude rather than the "Let's work together" attitude from raiding in parties in WoW. PKers make up only a very small portion of the community, actually. Ever heard of a vocal minority? The Pk Community is actually small, but in terms of perception they make themselves and their opinions known very loudly.
  12. It's not "hard" to max out, it's simply time consuming. Draw the distinction. And don't try to give me the cop out answer of "you're trolling." Most of you don't know what trolling is if you think i'm trolling. (Protip: Insulting people doesn't mean you're a troll - that's called flaming)
  13. Thanks for proving again why Runescape is a bad game. No skill involved. Simply clicking, knowledge, and efficiency. It's a glorified spreadsheet. Keep it coming kids! You're "arguments" amuse me. :lol:
  14. Comparing two fantasy MMORPG"s is not comparing apples to oranges. One is just poorly designed and the other isn't. Which begs the question why are you (And millions of others) playing RS? I refuse to repeat myself 3 times. Learn to read kid. Also, you made another stupid argument (I love debunking these). Millions of people play Maple Story as well. Millions of people eat at McDonalds. Quantity of customers =/= quality of product. So again, what's your point (hint: you have none).
  15. Comparing two fantasy MMORPG"s is not comparing apples to oranges. One is just poorly designed and the other isn't.
  16. Aaaaaaaand that's when I stop taking you seriously ;) Jagex isn't admitting that Runescape is a children's game? Wow, alert the media. Really great catch, buddy.
  17. Efficiency is for work. Fun and skill are for videogames. Thanks for proving what's wrong with Runescape. Kids talk about numbers and efficiency all day, and the moment they quit all those numbers are meaningless. At least you can remember the fun after you stop playing a game. You're cute.
  18. Grats, you grinded more than I did. Lol. Runescape end-game content.. you mean the content that you need to click mindlessly for hours to even unlock? Also, your point about me not knowing what content is available to me since I haven't trained is quite possibly the most moronic thing i've read today. Are you aware that the site you're posting on has guides on every piece of content in the game? There are people who find anything fun. You're not proving anything. Next strawman argument please. -------------------------------- Again, most of you have never played WoW, therefore your opinions are meaningless. I've played both for years, and the ironic thing is that i've probably played Runescape longer than you have, I just have a life and good taste, so I've never even attempted nor wished to get 99's. If you kids spent half the time you waste clicking on Runescape on homework and reading instead, you might actually stop being so dumb.
  19. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I already know Runescape fanboys think Runescape is a great game, i'm just stating the actual facts. And I already explained why i'm still a part of this community. GG. (The actual term is GG btw, Gf is what 12 year olds who play Runescape say). There are also certain humans that enjoy killing other humans. Next strawman argument, please.
  20. Because I like to keep up with the latest updates as i'm interested in the game's evolution. For example, I played Dungeoneering when it came out, and got my friends back into it as well because it's one of the few genuinely fun pieces of content that Jagex has released. I wasn't even aiming for any rewards, I was just having fun raiding some dungeons with my friends. Runescape needs more content like this. Runescape is one of the best.. bad games ever. This is because the actual content in the game is fun and unique, but the foundation of the game is based on clicking and grinding. The clicking part is due to the original technological limitations that were placed on Andrew when he invisioned the game. The grinding part is because Jagex wants to get your subscription money (and yes, every single MMO developer does this - its just that Runescape requires a ridiculous amount of grinding vs actual content). As I said, I've been playing in one form or another since 2003 and i'm interested in the game, but more importantly Jagex as a company, and more importantly Jagex as a tech company. I think the RuneTek engine and the technology Jagex uses is very interesting, and i'm looking forward to seeing how it's implemented in Stellar Dawn. Additionally, i've been a part of this community since '05 and other than the generic RS kids I do usually enjoy the discussion here, as it's relatively one of the more mature RS communities. Probably a longer answer than you wanted, but I assure you that i'm no troll that sticks around just to insult others.
  21. LOL. You're seriously calling WoW a grindfest compared to Runescape? Once you hit level 80 (takes about a month) WoW is pure gameplay. Raiding, Battlegrounds, Arena, etc. There's no grinding involved at all. The foundation of Runescape is xp and grinding. You can't even do quests until you reach a pre-requisite grinding amount. And crap PvP? Ya, Runescape's click-and-wait while inventory managing is so much better than WoW's reflex and rotation-based skill. Oh wait, you're a 12 year old. RS kids really shouldn't talk about other MMO's. The fact that you even brought up Silk Road is hilarious as well. (Protip: Silk Road is as much of an MMO as Maple Story and all the other awful f2p games) are you [bleep] kidding me? yes WoW is a grindfest compared to runescape. If i didn't believe it (or if i didn't have multiple level 80 friends from rl) i wouldn't have said so. What is there to do until you reach level 80... hmmm you could go find a necklace for someone (typical blizzard quest)... you could train one of your TWO skills... or you could maybe... GRIND. In runescape there are involved quests, distractions and diversions, a plethora of skills and minigames. yes in runescape you have to meet requirements for a quest. that's why the quest cape is so sought after and level 10's don't go running around with hand cannons, crystal bows, and barrows gloves. it adds a character building dynamic that other games have yet to implement . I'm not alone with praising runescape's PVP. i still cannot fathom the fact that you are actually bashing someone saying why he plays runescape over another game ON A RUNESCAPE FORUM. you're not even being discreet about it. Calling me a 12 year old? I can't even begin to believe your rudeness over a simple opinion. RS "kids". oh yes. i must be one of those because its known that runescape players tend to frequent runescape forums (and god forbid- defend their game?1?!?!). I'm not sure what silk road your "pro"fessional self has claimed to have played, but the one i played as early as '07 and the one i returned to in '09 was an epic, involved, and basically gave the same simple-minded quests as world of warcraft. my friends who played WoW actually said they thought silkroad had BETTER graphics. the theif/merch/hunter pvp system was also extremely unique and could be started (and enjoyed) as early as level 20 (forget spending "a month" for level 80 in other games) LOL. Typical Runescape kid that doesn't know what end-game content is. Once you reach 80, the actual game begins. This means raiding, heroics, battlegrounds, and arena. Pre-80 is where the quest grinding is. Your friends are either fake, or they don't know how to play the game they have subscribed to. Try again moron. Cool story, bro. You're definitely right. Your text > my picture. See, most of you morons play one game and defend it to death. Ive played several different MMO's (10 day free trial doesn't count as playing an MMO btw), including Runescape (since 2003). So before you try to argue your points, make sure you realize that you're just a Runescape fanboy, while i'm just someone that likes good games. And no, Runescape is not a good game, because it's based on clicking and grinding, while WoW is based on real-time combat. There are several downsides to WoW, but arguing that Runescape is a better game because it offers inane non-combat activities like clicking on trees, clicking on ferrets, right clicking on bandits, etc proves what an ignoramus you really are. I'll enjoy the eventual fanboy defense mechanisms.
  22. That's because most RS players are kids and to say otherwise is to disagree with a fact.
  23. Does anyone else get as annoyed as I do with how much he uses this word? :unsure: Kids usually don't like being called kids. ;) Way to deliberately find a bad screenshot of WoW. I don't understand why morons try to prove that Runescape has better graphics than WoW. It doesn't. And graphics don't even matter, just admit that Runescape has bad graphics and move on.
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