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  1. I might seriously break down and cry tears of joy if I could get an old style Chaos Ele pet (the purple cloud with tentacles). Why does OSRS get all the good stuff?
  2. But but, can I have a trimmed ornamental blood amulet of fury? Can I, Jagex? Can I?
  3. Latest results in the Elf CIty Batch 2 reaction poll: 45% Great 8% OK 2% Didn't like 13% Want to play, haven't 27% Want to play, can't 2% Don't want it From the first three categories (those that can and have tried the content) close to 82% of them are satisfied with the content. What does this poll tell them? We should stop voting 'Great' en masse if we really want to tell them content needs improvement. (That said, I voted Great)
  4. To be fair, the RS Wiki rune index has increased a lot. September 15th (release of Rune Goldberg): 134.02 Today: 239.18 78.5% increase in two months is decent. Yes, the increase is inconsistent across runes (lava runes have increased fivefold, for example) but it's an increase. And the rune index is still going up, daily. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch/Rune_Index
  5. I mean hell, if we're going to continue to nerf stuff in relation to ironman accounts, can we fix it so herb challenges don't give eleventy billion Xp each? Because I'm not bitter that my ironman has not gotten an herb daily challenge yet. Nope, Not at all.
  6. I know. Some of us enjoy a strong, black coffee instead.
  7. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I finally got my RDT nature talisman drop.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and say it... What if this is the beginning of the downward spiral? Jagex devotes less and less resources to game development; less content gets released; players leave for other MMO's causing yet another cut to game development, etc. etc. I'm actually kind of worried.
  9. Maybe I'm not most people, but I'm OK with one groundbreaking update every few months with some filler/less groundbreaking stuff in between. The game is in such a mature state for an MMO as it is.
  10. ...I'm not sure what your complaint is. Normally, without trading, you'd be unable to do Shield of Arrav and Heroes, plus whatever quests require those (probably quite a lot). Are you saying there should be no trading at all, and those quests (plus any content associated with them) should be inaccessible? Or that, as you said, the workaround should involve the quest just finishing early once your solo part is completed? Allowing certain quest items to be traded IS the workaround. I suppose you could just not do the quests if this isn't what you want?
  11. So that's what they were saving the Signature Heroes for all along! Welcome to the lore, guys.
  12. Front 5, Back 1 for me. But I'll never use them anyways (10 year for me) so I'm not going to vote, since it's content I'll never use.
  13. That requires accessing priff, though. There is something like 400k craft xp just from quest rewards, if I recall. Some of that is only accessible at a certain level, but it helps.
  14. Officially, development has been paused (as of March 2012, per Mod MMG). Unofficially? Who knows. If I were a betting man, I would wager it never gets developed, but there is a non-zero chance that it does, I guess.
  15. I think the biggest problem some people have (like me) with launching another game is that Jagex's track record of developing non-FB time sink crap is, well, crap. There's RS, Stellar Dawn that may or may not ever see the light of day, Transformers Universe, and nothing else. Using RS's lore does give them a ready-made playerbase to count on, as opposed to trying out a new IP. So I'll be interested. But Jagex haven't been known to make anything besides RS in the past.
  16. My total haul for the month: I'm totally not replying as an excuse to post this again. - 3 bank deposit boxes - 9 death touched darts (which turned into one effigy at KK and not a whole lot else) - 2 skill outfit pieces (out of 4 raffles, which means I got lucky enough to win a godsword (2500 prizes) and a set of warpriest (5000) but missed, twice, on a chance at 50k prizes) - One set of silverhawk feathers - Lamps lamps lamps
  17. Wait, what? Did you win the 100m all five times?
  18. Yes, but do you have FULL GLORIOUS GOLDEN ZAMORAK? Hail Guth-- wait, who am I supposed to be supporting now? Oh, right Zamorak!
  19. Trade you my brass golden Zamorak godsword.
  20. Oh... im lost on the serial killer part. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newtown,_Connecticut_school_shooting#Perpetrator Not actually a serial killer, that's my mistake.
  21. Sigh, so we're all anonymous hackers and serial killers now? Thanks for continuing the stereotypes. you know Aspergers is an autism spectrum disorder? Even then some autism specialists disagree. Uhh, yes I do. I was diagnosed with it when I was three.
  22. Sigh, so we're all anonymous hackers and serial killers now? Thanks for continuing the stereotypes.
  23. WHY DID I BUY MASTER SUPREME FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT LAST WEEK I don't get points for another three weeks whyyyyasdfsdoifguhw
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