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  1. I took me 400+ kills to get my first pair of boots, which were Steadfast, that sold for roughly 30.3m. I did see Ragefire selling for 12m yesterday in world 2. So they do seem rather rare compared to other drops by similar leveled monsters, albeit slightly easier to kill.
  2. Yes I did the hard last time and it yielded the same experience for me. It was more fun and a bit more challenging as well.
  3. Basically Bonus Xp Weekend yielded me the ability to use Overloads. I sold a good bit of my combat gear to fund it so now I only have Veracs, Karils, and a Glory. No chaotic, no turmoil, etc. I took a trip to Bandos to test out my Overloads using Super Prayers and Saradomin Brews. It started out well but to my displeasure, I was taking major damage and started to chug my brews. I noticed I wasn't doing much damage and looked at my stats and I was reduced from 99/92/99 base combat, so roughly 125/117/125 with ovl, to 66/50/117. Obviously I am doing something wrong here. Am I lacking Soul Split healing to use Overloads effectively at Bandos or should I be using rocktails with brews and only brew when necessary/timed with the overload boost? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I do feel this is a huge boost in my metagame and I would love to learn how to use it effectively.
  4. It may not be a gear tip but make sure you have a good connection and nothing in the background to prevent your computer to respond quickly. The hardest part is dodging the blood pools which can be incredibly difficult if you're system is unable to process the information as fast as you click. Gear wise, I used void melee, super potions, and lots and lost of sharks with a unicorn familiar. Pray accordingly and just stay calm and collected.
  5. It's funny how the RWT site claims to be upholding justice and whatnot by freeing up their players' times and schedule so they can focus on life more. Last time I checked when someone invests in a hobby, they tend to do it over and over. I don't just buy a beater car and buy a single part to fix it. It would take a lot more effort, money, and resources to do so. If these people are constantly buying rs gold, in essence are they not controlled by the game? Little Timmy may play 8 hours a day but if Johnny work 8 hours and spends his paycheck on rsgold, what is the difference?
  6. To my understanding, the Blisterwood weapons replace the Ivandis flail against Vampyres and Vyrewatch and you can empower them in the same manner, and is directly related to, the Ivandis Flail. Is this true? If so, the flail is now unneeded?
  7. I wouldn't suggest cutting in the baby area, just because you could accidentally miss click on a jadinko. The higher jadinkos aren't aggressive and aren't one-clickable so you shouldn't make the mistake of accidentally attacking them. Just a slight suggestion.
  8. Avoid pking worlds or high population worlds and you SHOULD be fine. There is no guarentee but always have an one click teleport just in case.
  9. I never approved of rushing but it works and that's how the wilderness evolves... Now the negatives are out of the way 0,o Wow...this makes me want to revive my pures and pk again, that is insane. I haven't seriously pk'd in years and in one video I want it all back again 0,o What is with the wopletinger though...surely a BoB with food would be better or does the constant mage boost help that much?
  10. New Jadinko Guards hit with melee and mage but not very often. I was hit 240ish max with melee and if you do pray melee, they mage you. They aren't too tough but can be dangerous.... The skilling portion I haven't tried yet...the bolas seem useless in situations when you want to steal kills as they don't seem to initiate combat... I don't see the drop rate being much higher or different than the whip...2 drops since I was in a world for an hour. Sold for 30m... They also drop effigies, terrible charm drop rates but a nice amount of yews, magics and mahogany logs as well as the standard assortment of seeds and noted herbs it seems...
  11. Multi-part question, summary at end. 1. I'm looking to level up woodcutting from 90-99, using an Inferno Adze, and figured Mahogany logs would be best as I could use them for Construction. The plan is to cut roughly ~60k Mahogany logs, with roughly ~20k burned from the Adze's effect leaving 40k Mahogany logs usable to raise construction to 91, as well as a hefty chunk of firemaking xp for another 99. Magic experience is irrelevant as I have 99. Now to either 1. Run 40k Mahogany logs to the sawmill to make planks, unaware of rate of plank making. 1,500 x 40,000 = 60,000,000 coins or 2. Cast Plank Make 40k times 40k natures @ 135 = 5,400,000 coins 80k astrals @ 106 = 8,480,000 coins + 1,050 x 40,000= 42,000,000 coins Total: 55,880,000 coins Time invested in either method of creating planks could arguably be roughly ~22 hours casting plank make in presumably constant conditions of 1,850 planks/hr, disregarding anomalies completely. Completing this daunting task seems like a huge investment in time which I question would better be spent making money to invest in other skills to later fund unnecessary levels such as Construction. 2. If it is a feasible task, would Ape Atoll using deposit boxes or Jungle Cleanup minigame be a better choice for mahogany? If so, what are the rough xp/hr doing so? 3. Is the opportunity cost greater than the reward in training in this specific method? If so, would simply cutting ivy/arctic pine save more time for better money makers to simply buy the supplies for construction? tl;dr DIY Construction via mahogany, yes or no?
  12. I would love to upgrade my summoning from 88 to 96 and would prefer to gain charms using Range. Now the question is, which method would be quickest? I thought about cannoning Black Demons in Taverly Dungeon which is roughly 180 crims/hr? or Chinning Nechs in the Chaos Tunnels for an unknown amount per hour...(I don't know and can't find it) The alternative method would be to suck it up and get a Chaotic Maul and camp waterfiends for roughly 90 crimsons per hour (yet again, I'm not sure). I would prefer to train range while doing so as I already have 99 Magic and Attack but if my methods are inefficient, I would gladly take advice. Stats in Sig; Void Elite, 99% quests done, cannon, piety, karils, small bank tl;dr Need charms and range xp, how do?
  13. The greater conundrum would be which head would you choose first?
  14. You should also use dclaws for specials to down supreme faster or eee special to time your overloads. There is also a problem with killing them TOO FAST and messing up the timing but that all depends on your ability as well as the world population for spawn times. I'm not sure how much of an issue that is though...
  15. While it IS entirely possibly for you to solo rex, you're at a huge disadvantage without a proper familiar/high prayer/high defense. This is my suggestion: Bring Full Guthans to heal off Spinylops. Use your highest available spell to kill Rex or use charged godspells, preferably claws of guthix, while using a god cape. Use a Staff of Light for the +15%, I believe, damage to your spells. You won't be taking any melee damage so bring infinity boots to boost your mage defense. More than likely, you're just going to be crashed by a 138 tri-brid. Bring a couple of the best anti poisons you can afford, along with some prayer potions or super restores/saradomin brews if you prefer them. Your inventory is based on your skill set and what you're comfortable with.
  16. I am currently 71 dungeoneering, unlocked floor 36. Is it common for DGS to go to floors as low as 30-36 or should I continue playing with w117 to gain a few more levels? Also, I don't understand why people want Primal Gauntlets, explain please.
  17. Basically, looking to raise certain skills so I can be more of an asset while Dungeoneering and looking for the better methods to do so. Mining: 77-->80 Mine Gorgonite Thinking of mining coal at Living Rock Caverns, using Urns and a Titan familiar for +10 mining. Smithing: 72-->77 Smith Katagon Platelegs Frankly, I don't know the best way to accomplish this but its not a top priority. Runecrafting: 67-->70 Celestial Surgebox I have roughly 20k or so rune essence from slayer I was planning on crafting Death Runes with. I would like to hear opinions, suggestions, etc. on the methods or tips for any other skills I should raise during dungeoneering downtime. Skills are in my signature and I have a very small cash pile at the moment for some reason to work with, roughly 300k. Feel free to bash/flame/criticize my methods.
  18. If you use prayer boosting gear such as veracs with piety plus either super defense potion or EE special, you should have enough defense to last an entire task without needing much, or any food at all if you couple it with a bunyip. You could replace most of your food with prayer potions, constantly keep Piety on to speed up the kills. Monster drops should pay for the supplies, or at least free up more time for money making activities. If anything, you could try it on a few tasks and if you don't like it, go back to your normal method.
  19. I guess everyone didn't read the part where it says range/mage... Any who, if you don't want to raise your defense/summoning/prayer, use an Unholy Book for +8 range or keep using your Book of Balance for +4 attack/defense stats; especially if you're using safespots where defense hardly matters. If you do feel like increasing combat, I would personally go for a Dragonfire Shield for more defense, 72 crush, plus the whole "absorbing most of the dragonfire" deal those things get. A lot better for tanking bosses and such. If you're just doing slayer, a Blessed Spirit Shield would probably be better. +3 prayer bonus, 73 crush defense(if I'm not mistaken, most melee monsters use a crush attack) and no negative range/mage bonuses. Plus it is quite a bit cheaper allowing you to invest in other skills or items.
  20. Above poster is correct. Also, it seems like you can only cast it on her once ever 2 cycles in my experience. It's like barbarian fishing for sturgeons...I suppose it can train agility but you'll do it at such a slower rate than usual, I wouldn't recommend it as your primary agility training.
  21. The shadow silk hood; I know it is a slayer drop but is it specific to one slayer creature within Daemonheim or does every slayer creature have a chance to drop one? EDIT: Question answered, thank you.
  22. What's the best setup to use for Armored Zombies? I couldn't find a guide anywhere and was hoping to use my Hati gloves before they go poof.
  23. Perhaps other occasions I was dealing with melee attacks rather than range/maged attacks.
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