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  1. To what? :? "z0mg u wana cyberzzz??//" "wot u warin????!!!" Someone should try it, for a laugh. Pronouncing the zeros is quite a difficult linguistic feat, you know? It's a lose-lose situation if you're voice is breaky. Then again, I guess you could just really put it in, and try sound like a 40something chain-smoker. Or just tell them you're an ugly chick. Oh, what do I care - having a deep voice rules.
  2. I think it's mainly a cultural thing - getting pissed seems to be the way you spend your time. I'm 17 and have never been drunk, which is an anomoly in my age group. Maybe if marijuana was legalized, people would have less harmful ways of getting wasted? But I know that won't be happening anytime soon.
  3. I have to wonder, though - was this chain worth the likely damages, both physical and legal, to at least one of your friends in a four-on-four altercation?
  4. I rented one the other day. I can't afford one yet until I get a job. It's going pretty well.
  5. Haven't really got the time for or interest in Runescape to keep playing, so that's off the list. I'm playing a few text-based RPGs at the moment, which I have been doing for some time - Popomundo, a music-based one; JenniferGovernment, a political game; and ManagerZone, a soccer managing game. On computer I'm playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars a lot, and occasionally Warcraft 3. On PS2 I'm playing GTA San Andreas and DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 from time to time, and just got the new WWE game which I hope to get into soon.
  6. I only just encountered teamspeak recently when I started playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I'm one of the only people without a mic. You do start to think about players differently when you hear their voices, and you can often confirm your suspicions about their maturity level (or lack there of), by their tone of voice and what they say. There are a couple of people whose voices are breaky; Simpsons squeeky-voiced-teen breaky, whom I give grief to, but it's all in good fun, I think. You could just try sounding like a girl; that'll sure change the responses you get.
  7. I was inspired by the White Stripes and the Streets to enjoy silence.
  8. You really know artistic integrity has come along way when two rappers are feuding about who will sell more albums, especially in this day and age.
  9. Finished school, picking up my grades in the process Matured a lot, emotionally and mentally Met some great new people whom I see myself being friends with for a long time Went to something like nine concerts which is a record for me An enjoyable (for the most part) relationship Got back into some of my old interests - wrestling, soccer Learnt some self-discipline - began exercising, keeping a journal, eating better (slightly) Got into some new, awesome music Began seriously getting into films Developed a really good relationship with my brother Decided what I want to do with my life Sort of started a band Wrote some good things Became more self-confident/realistic/developed a better outlook on life On the downside ... A few really good friendships deteriorated Lost my old man's old man (though he had a damn good life - 93 years) Bitter end to the aforementioned relationship That's probably about it. I suppose it's been a fairly rockin' year.
  11. They are over-hyped, admittedly, but I still think they're pretty good. Heart-Shaped Box, Serve the Servants, and more or less all of In Utero is rockin'.
  12. A tiny bit too twee-poppy for my liking, but I can still appreciate it. The instrumentation was pretty tight and it wasn't a poorly written song by any means. Was it your first gig, or one of them? Because you guys looked a bit awkward on stage, though it was pretty gnarly when you started rocking out and headbanging. During a fair portion of the first half, you weren't really playing much, and were just standing around - I'd suggest adding a few licks every now and then, or maybe playing one chord or one note to add some variety during that first part. Aside from that though, nice work!
  13. The instrumentation sounded cool for a few seconds, but after that it just sounded like the same generic, lame and talentless hardcore band that I can't avoid seeing whenever I go to a local gig.
  14. :roll: Boy does that emoticon really put me in my place! Come on, man - you've gotta expect it. I mean ... it's Limp Bizkit.
  15. http://niggytardust.com/saulwilliams/download Option for free download of Saul Williams' latest album 'The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!'. Awesome stuff - "thinking man's hip-hop."
  16. Seen them twice, though the second time doesn't really count because it was at a festival in which security was atrocious and I couldn't really get a view of the stage. First time was in Lille, France though, and that was the most amazing experience of my life.
  17. Anal Death? :uhh: That's a little....odd...... If by "odd" you mean "the most awesome thing ever", then I agree entirely.
  18. I'm into some industrial stuff, which has its roots in electronic music. Examples include Skinny Puppy, ohGr, Tweaker (more electronic though) and early Nine Inch Nails (more electronic/rock). Worth checking out.
  19. I tried it out. The tutorial alone was excruciatingly painful. Don't waste your time.
  20. Started playing Doom at the age of 3. Later moved on to Wolfenstein (yes I know it was released before), Quake, Blood II, Duke Nukem 3D and stuff like that. I seem to remember Doom scaring me so much that I never completed one of the episodes or something. I used to play LANs with my Dad, on that old simple system they used to have where you'd select a WAD map and play. That was awesome. I loved how Doom had a huge map-making community - I spent hours playing random map-packs we'd find online. I also remember, around the age of 6-9, playing Commander Keane, Monkey Island and, of course, Sam & Max. Man, that game was awesome. I even wrote a story based on it in Grade 4. Around the age of 9 I began playing strategy games after first being introduced to Age of Empires II by my friend. I remember the first map he played - Baltic. That game entertained me for ages (harhar) though I never completed it. Later moved on to Age of Mythology and similar games. At about 9 I also started playing consoles. I got a Nintendo 64 with Diddy King Racing. I loved that thing. I got a few wrestling games on here too. I always used to have this problem when playing the Royal Rumbles, where my player would suddenly become computer controlled. I hated that, with a passion. I also got into Gameboy at about this time. My friend sold me his non-colour one for $30 and I got stuck into Pokemon and one of the old Donkey Kong games. I tried to play Pokemon Gold recently but the save battery died. Bummer. When I was 11 my brother brought home GTA3. That was awesome. I remember always loading his save games and playing from them, which pissed him off immensely. At some point I also got stuck into the FIFA and NBA games, the latter of which I still want to play now. When I was 12 my Dad won a PS2 through work and I got stuck into that. Started off with Jak & Daxter, then Turok: Evolution, a Terminator game (still haven't finished), Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarding, Vice City, San Andreas, Jak II, Jak III, WWE games, FIFA games, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, DBZ Budokai series and a few more I can't remember. I got into the Sims in 2000 or something, which was a very expensive interest. I ended up getting at least five of those expansion packs. That's a lot of dough. At 11 I started playing Runescape, which lasted for almost two years. I got back into it (after losing my account because I was silly enough to trust someone with my password) in 2005 until the end of 2006, in April this year and again a couple of months ago. Not sure if I'll stick with it right now. Sometime in 2003 I got Warcraft III, which I still love to this day - in fact, I just found my TFT CD earlier today, which I'd lost several months ago, so I might go online very soon and catch up with some old people. It was at about this time that I got onto online gaming, too, which I have continued with the likes of F.E.A.R., Quake III, Quake 4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and a few others. A year and a half ago when my main computer was dead and the only one I had had a poor graphics card, I got into text RPGs, such as OGame, Gang Wars and Popomundo. I still play these now, as well as Managerzone, which is a soccer manager game. I suppose my main roots are in FPS, which I still love now. Followed by that is strategy games, and more recently RPGs. I don't game as much as I used to - I spend more time going out (once in a blue moon though), reading stuff online and other non-gaming things, but I certainly can't see me abandoning my gaming roots anytime in the near future. In fact, the earliest job I can remember wanting to have was a game designer. What a nerd.
  21. Some dude on this forum has the name 'limpbizkit'. That's pretty funny.
  22. The British version is okay I guess, though I think Gervais is much better in Extras. The American version looks like a load of crap from what I've seen.
  23. I didn't know it was even out yet. I'm a bit dubious about Timothy Oliphant playing 47, and from the trailer I got the idea they were going to go for a love-story sort of thing, which just isn't cool at all. I'll still check it out, but as with most films adapted from video games, I won't go in expecting much.
  24. I only really got back into wrestling at the start of this year so I can't really comment on his performance in past years in relation to 2007. But, I do think he is hugely talented and incredibly underused. With Charlie Haas he was just a Heat staple; WGTT were essentially jobbers with music. On Raw, there isn't much for Shelton to do because he's been there for so long and, despite his talent, there are other people more over as heels than him. I think the move to ECW was a good thing. WWE's version of ECW isn't meant to be like the old one - as J.R. has said on his blog on at least one occasion, the old ECW is dead. The current version is meant to be a breeding ground for newer superstars, are older superstars who have lost their momentum. Just look at John Morrison - his career essentially came to a halt after Mercury left and he stopped having matches with the Hardys. He became a Heat staple, and was eventually teaming with Kenny Dykstra. That was going nowhere, and he's far too talented for a tag team. He moved to ECW and, although the Benoit thing is primarily responsible for his rise, it did him good. Even if the Benoit thing hadn't happened, he'd still be a bigger star than on Raw. They're really pushing Shelton for the title now, and let's face it - he's totally lost his momentum. By putting him on ECW, they're giving him a chance to work with similarly athletic wrestlers such as Punk, Morrison and Burke. I would expect him to be in the ECW title picture very soon - hell, he could even challenge Punk for it at Armageddon. He needed to move to ECW because he wasn't going to get a push while a part of the Raw roster. He's gaining back the momentum he needs to become a top-tier superstar.
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