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  1. Thanks :) Only 280k more rc exp and then I'm halfway Thanks :D :D Here's another one ;)
  2. Thanks mate :) I will! \ 6 level 85 skills now 17 to go :
  3. Good luck! :D I hope you'll get some awesome drops on the road and of course from the abbysals :D BTW, at goals there is the next level, and at the next level your goals ;)
  4. 0 pray is hawt :shame: Thank you \ I've gotten this level without expecting it :P Just got it after teleporting :P
  5. Hmpf, ran out of fish, fishing to get level 81 now. Then I have enough for 85 :D
  6. Thanks :) Ooh thank you Woot 14 level 80 skills \
  7. My arm's big adventure, full of Jagex humour, I liked it a lot :D
  8. I guess Jagex is going a great job on those autoers :thumbsup:
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