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  1. No. Not even if you have achieved this.. you haven't completed the game, there are plenty things to do. You can't complete this game, it's not made to be completed.
  2. Totally agreed with this.
  3. No. It's relaxing :) (I play it to much sometimes though :-$ :P )
  4. See you guys later :D I'm gone, woot! : :D :) :P
  5. Woot congrats, get those instead of whips now :twisted:
  6. Good luck :) It'll take some time. After lvl 80 things goes a lot faster :wink:
  7. Hehe, will get 78 today :D Not bad for only ~100 abberent spectres :P I'm going away for a 3 week holiday tommorow, so you guys won't see me on for a while :(
  8. OMG! I'm away for one day and you get 4 levels! Nice :thumbsup: Have fun on your holiday :D
  9. Lol :XD: Good luck man :) You have the hardest already so you can do it! :D
  10. Congrats man! Trimmed cape :D To bad I couldn't make it :(
  11. It's ftw indeed :D But I like Rc now :P Thanks alot :P Skilling ftw! :XD: Thanks for letting me use those glory's mate
  12. In my own inventory 17M, from my friend in trade screen 51M.
  13. I'm not populair :P I think around 5-10 people know me, I've around 4 tip.iters in friendlist and recieved two HYT's. Out of 10 I'd say 1.5 :-s
  14. Hehe, I'll do the skills that doesn't require money first :wink: Nooo!!! Buyable skills ftw! It's an excuse to train RC. \ I like it. (Both RC'ing and buyable skills. Construction RULES! :) ) Come RC natures with meeee!!!! :( Post on my blog again! Rawr. I like them too :) I am crafting fires with duel rings now, Runecrafting is actually fun now :) I'm doing fires because of 3 reasons: 1. It's almost as fast as FFL 2. It's lots more fun 3. It's cheaper! I just do what I like to do ATM. But getting close to 91 Rc is my main goal , and I'll do my farm round everyday :) And a special thanks to Heph! Thanks for let me borrow 5 glorys mate! Thanks a lot! \
  15. Good luck with your randomness :XD: You've posted on mine :-$ :P
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