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  1. Orginal goal :) You'll be fine for a long time :) Later it'll get harder. Good luck! :D
  2. Thanks :D I'm going to farm herbs also now, for herblore. I want an extra patch so I have to do my arm's big adventure. But before I can do that quest..
  3. I love to listen to Metallica and lots of other heavy metal bands.
  4. I afk'ed at Black demons without prayer. Tele'ed with 8 hp left. I've had around 10mil worth of stuff on me :-s
  5. I've 16M now, the highest I ever had was 17M (that was yesterday lol). I will spend it when starting to train money-eating skills.
  6. Well I think it's your own responsibility and you've never done bad because of Rs.
  7. Yeps he's very, very hot. I love him very much, couldn't live without him. But please don't tell him :-w
  8. No I won't stop, nothing can stop me! Muhahaha :XD: Look I've got a stalker \
  9. Np, you deserve it ;) Fishie fishie! =P~
  10. Wow congrats on completing your prayer goal! :shock: Good luck with your other goals :
  11. I hope you know that you are 22 Runecrafting, you have around.. 3k xp in the skill? 99 is 13 Million xp. Get 70 Runecraft f2p and I believe you are really going for 99. And well, I can see you get 99 Wc. Good luck with woodcutting.
  12. Congrats on the berserker ring, warrior ring, dragon axe and 87 defence! Nice dude! :D Nub special TBH :notalk:
  13. Shouldn't be too hard seeing the levels you already have :) Good luck :D
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