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  1. Thanks, I'll add him :) Stupid quest -.- Well at least I have the spirit tree payment now :
  2. Woo thanks :D Another minigoal completed, almost 85 cook banked :)
  3. Most Annoying: Mining Most Worthless: Firemaking
  4. Hmm I think I will be sad at first and after that: Holy crap I have still X days members, gimmi money back! :evil:
  5. Congrats on the 2 warriors and suicide d axe, lmao! :lol: Also congratulations on 66 wc and 92 magic, keep it up! \
  6. Another clue :anxious: After this task I will be fishing again :)
  7. Yesterday I got killed with a clue and almost by hellhounds, finally a nice reward :)
  8. Thank you so much! This post made me seriously happy :) Nubcake! I've gotten 2 99's, also Fletch :notalk: My first level in my minigoals completed :D
  9. Newb: Do u know where varrok is? Noob: 0mg phr33 m0n3y plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. I respect mining the most yes. And I also have respect for every 60+ miner lol :-w
  11. Yes sure, I will do that : Thanks Woot he's proud!! Yea I will :D :D I've gained EXACTLY 100 levels in this goal now
  12. Omg My arm's big adventure, that quest is really funny :P Cooking a human. :ohnoes: Huh? :anxious: A npc getting a farming level and saying w00t! I liked this quest a lot, and I've got an extra patch so I can get extra herbs
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