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  1. I've never gotten a sceptre from 62 to 85, it all depends on luck.
  2. It's really usefull but not nessicary (damn how do you spell that? :-k )
  3. You get it from the pyramid plundering minigame (it's rare, so it's expensive to buy from other players) You can tele to sophanem and the DT pyramid (that's the way how you can switch ancient magic quick) and some other place That's all I know :wink:
  4. Evil bob for sure, such an annoying event :o
  5. Huh what do you mean with your password changes every 5 minutes? :-k
  6. Do slayer. It's not the fastest xp ingame, but you do different monsters all the time, you'll get slayer xp and better drops ;)
  7. But there's a minimum right?
  8. Do slayer, you'll get loads of clues and don't do the same thing all over..
  9. You can also steal gems from the gem stall in Ardy (75 Thieving needed) Spawns every 5 minutes.
  10. You can also chat with some friends in a clan chat. No need to be in a clan ;)
  11. That's just stupid lol. It could be really cool (though I highly doubt it :-k ) I don't think such a skill would come out. I think it's archeology they're working on.
  12. If you think that it's nice to play sometimes on your pure it doesn't mean he/she is bored of his/her main.
  13. I was cutting willows. Noob: Put your cape off (it was hunter cape) Me: Why? Noob: Because i dont have it!! Me: Ok whatever..
  14. Good luck on reaching your goal :) I really hope you'll get 99 some day :D :D
  15. Congrats on 98 ~~!!! 1 more :D :D And you are very lucky with that rol saving you :
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