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  1. Good luck, it will be a long, long, very long road ;)
  2. Thanks :) Thanks a lot :D I'm still very proud on 99 hunter, that's why it's still on front page :oops:
  3. Wow you've got some nice levels out there! And cool goals, I'm sure you can achieve them :D Good luck!
  4. Thanks a lot! :D I think I'll continue farm after 85 (It's fun :-$ ) Yea it's the skill I like the most Some levels I want to get: 88 Fm 75 Mining 75 Agil 80 Fish 85 Cook 85 Wc 83 Rc 81 Att 72 Slay 85 Farm This will keep me busy for some time :
  5. Woot woot congrats on that level!!! Untrimmed cape looks really cool, keep it like that :D Congrats man! :thumbsup: :D
  6. Congrats on spear! To bad they it's the least valuable dragon item -.-
  7. Welcome back, Good luck! :thumbsup: :wink:
  8. Good luck :) It's totally clear to me what you want to do and I truly hope you'll achieve it :)
  9. Thanks! Here's my 3rd wb level :P But I'm away for the coming three days so no new wb levels :(
  10. Thanks, I'm almost sure mining will be my last 85, oh I hate that skill so much :( I've gotten 79 Farming but Imageshack doesn't work -.-
  11. I didn't missed it! Oh by the way, I'm back :thumbsup:
  12. That wouldn't really help since they all 20 would eventually would get that skill to 99 too. As mentioned above - progress. It can't be stopped. You have a point there, still, they make skills easier to level.
  13. Jagex makes Rs to easy. Pest Control, Pyramid plunders.. you name it. I think they should add a skill that's harder to train then slayer.
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