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  1. About Into the wild article. I really enjoyed this article and pretty much agree with it fully. With the return of the wilderness RS once again has the option to PK like the way it's meant to be done(in my opinion at least). I enjoy many aspects of RS - skilling, questing and PKing(mostly with my clan, but still). Before the reintroduction of wilderness I could only do 2 of these properly. The option to do so many things and not being forced into just one of the styles of playing RS, is what makes RS a great game for me at least. Skilling and questing haven't been compromised like the way PKing was. Like Wessan wrote, I don't like playing this game to cope with it, but to enjoy and play it the way I like to. About Trade off article. I don't agree with this topic at all. For me the freedom to do things in RS is more important that the fact that I have to be a little more alert when trading so that I don't get scammed, or the fact that I can get cleaned at w22 dule arena staking my bank. If I enter the duel arena and decide to stake lets say 50m, I'm quite well aware of the fact that there's a chance I might lose the stake and that's the beauty of it. One great thing that came along with free trade is that I don't have that feeing of Jagex looking after each and every player and making sure that none of them makes stupid mistakes and ends up scammed/cleaned by staking/dying at wilderness for something they're not willing to lose. Although this is just a game, a bit of responsibility is still needed and that's just a good thing in my opinion.
  2. Haven't bee scammed since 2004 or something like that, and haven't seen much scamming happening to anyone else for ages too. With the feature that shows you the mid GE price of an item whilst trading and the use of ones brain once in a while should pretty much prevent being scammed. I don't get why are some of you are constantly crying about people getting scammed - pay a little more attention when trading outside of GE and if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Besides Jagex has written lots of safety instructions for the return of free trade for those who weren't around the pre-GE era. With all the information we have, you to be a bit stupid to fall for a common scam, such as armour trimming or someone quickly withdrawing cash or items off the trade.
  3. Fun, fun, fun :) . Haven't been non-skulled for probably more than 30 minutes the whole day :D
  4. What will happen to your items when your gravestone disappears? Will the items disappear as currently or will they become visible and pickable for other players too? What will happen to the brawling gloves and PVP-drops such as vestas, corrupt dragon etc.? Mainly my point is, how will you get these items after the update, if you get them at all.
  5. It's fine the way it is. No need to fix something (again) that isn't broken.
  6. Got mine from the elven lands, thanks for the info :wink:
  7. I voted yes. I don't see why the PKers, clanners and stakers shouldn't be catered once in a while, as bringing back wilderness and free trade doesn't actually hurt anyone who doesn't want to Pk or stake - for those of us that do such things, this would be one of the biggest and best updates in years. PKers, stakers and clanners(pvp-clanners) are one part of the RS-community and they too should be given tools to do what they like just like skillers, questers and the rest of the community. We already have bots in the current RS and Jagex clearly stated that they will not give up on the fight against them, so that shouldn't really be a reason to be against this. RWTing will probably be a bigger issue but I have faith in Jagex that they will still do their best against it.
  8. Would be awesome to have old wild back, however I have some serious doubts about that if it's just based on some talking in MMG's CC. Free trade would be cool too, but I'd personally be more excited about the old wilderness still.
  9. I used to browse these forums all the time back from -05 to -08 or -09, now I come here less and less. One big reason is that as a clanner, RSC has more stuff that interests me(also the forums of my own clan keep me busy) but one major thing is also the community. Back in the day TIF used to have this friendly atmosphere and really good and intellect threads with great posters that didn't seem to have this need for trolling and flaming that the current userbase has. Current community seems like some elitistic trolls who just go on bashing each others posts and the friendly atmosphere there was once was is no where to be seen.
  10. My god you're fast :blink: But on-topic, seems interesting :thumbup:
  11. Not the first time someone working for Jagex leaks infromation to people they know. I remember one Finnish J-Mod telling his clan mates(his other accounts that is) at least something about the extreme potion update(the 1st one) and the curse prayer update, or just a lot of his clan mates happened to buy herbs before the extreme update with hundreds of millions of GP and D bones before curses came out. But yeah, it sucks how they can favor some players and basically screw with the legit players that get their money the hard way.
  12. Training Slayer makes training combat skills less boring with a little variation and you get those free total lvls from it :thumbup: And being able to kill all those monsters that you can't kill without Slayer is an added bonus to it.
  13. For all kinds of fighting purposes I wear my fire cape. If I need to pray, then its my red soul wars cape. For looks it depends - sometimes fire cape and sometimes soul wars cape. The uniqueness of skill capes wore off ages ago IMO, so I hardly ever wear them.
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