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  1. i got my roomate addicted and he became level 30 in 2 days... lol, he's so jealous of my high level (96) \
  2. well, my roomate started playing and he got up to level 30 in one night (there's nothing else to do at school) and the whole way i either made or bought his armor
  3. like probably 490 or something but here's a better achievement: winning a game with 7 people beat that! \
  4. prayer, because prayer would give me 100 prayer points, think of barrowing with that?
  5. man, even as an american, i think that's one of the best comedies i've seen and BTW, i am so using that pic in my siggy
  6. Best: Guthans helm :-) got me my first millions Randomest: a few nights ago, i was killing chaos druids when i got a shield left half... leesters helped me put it together.
  7. scared lifefess of the desert treasure guys, i don't know what you're talking about!
  8. I haven't... I hate Star Wars. Almost all Sci-Fi. :shock: how can you?! :P seriously, don't hate on star wars
  9. Name:ftrunks123 Color:blue and black Transparent?: (no or yes) yes
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